On-Campus Interview Series:

This week the Harbus interviews the wrestlers sex ‘symbol, Bryan Vaniman. Bryan hails from Oregon and insists he didn’t wear a cape and a mask when he used to wrestle. Although, we only asked him whether he wears these in the context of Wrestling… …can his girlfriend tell us otherwise…? Fact File: Bryan VanimanHeight: 6foot… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series:

Course Selection Advice from the Case Rip Cord

Well, it’s that time of year again, when first years fret about their EC class registration. The Case Rip Cord, which judges such course selection matters entirely on the basis of the entertainment value of the cases in the course, has to cast its vote for Professor Susan Fournier’s Half Course on Branding. In addition… Continue reading Course Selection Advice from the Case Rip Cord

What's up at J-Crew

In an amazing turn of events, it turns out that my column two weeks ago about potential nuptials was prophetic. Velina Peneva became the first female J to get engaged. Her ring is lovely and her fianc‚ is a real peach, but quickly she admitted her true reasons for accepting his offer. After a moment… Continue reading What's up at J-Crew