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HBS Republican Club to Implement “Card Check” in Expansion Effort

Harvard Business School’s Republican Club hereby announces its intention to enroll 100% of MBA students in the club. Details of the plan include the following: HBS Republican Club officials will visit each section and ask MBA students to join the Republican club by signing a clipboard. Those who refuse will be visited by club officials…


A Closer Look at China:

When Mr. Jeff Immelt (Chairman & CEO, GE) spoke at Harvard last week in front of a capacity crowd in Burden Auditorium, he outlined his views on the near term economy and GE’s future prospects. I remember that he mentioned China as being part of the big picture of GE’s focus on growth overseas. China…


Doha and the WTO

The November 2001 meeting in Doha, Qatar, was another significant blow to the credibility and legitimacy of the WTO. Instead of pursuing the goal of conducting trade and economic endeavor “with a view to raise standards of living,” etc., as the GATT and later the WTO preamble very righteously claimed, Doha was a blatant display…


WTO Entry Risks Social Upheaval in China

“As Keynes said, ‘In the long run we are all dead,’ so we should pay attention to the short-term costs and challenges.” So concluded Myoung-Ho Shin, Vice President, Asian Development Bank at the Asia Business Conference recently hosted by HBS. Other panelists discussing China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) echoed similar concerns about…


Charlene Barshefsky Outlines China's Formidable Future

After fifteen years of torturous negotiations, China finally became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2001. In a keynote speech delivered as part of the recent HBS Asia Business Conference, Charlene Barshefsky, former US Trade Representative, outlined her views on the significance and implications of China’s WTO accession.As U.S. Trade Representative…


Students Flock to Meet Chinese Economist

On the first Friday afternoon of the new school year, almost 100 students packed Aldrich 209 for a presentation by Prof. Zhang Jun on China’s economic development. The event was organized by the Asia Business Club.Prof. Zhang Jun is one of the most prominent economists in China today, serving as the Associate Dean of the…

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