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Regional Profiles – Mid West – Meet Me At St. Louis

City, State St. Louis, Missouri Population 2.9 Million Top Industries Beer (Anheuser-Busch), Aerospace (Boeing), Agricultural Biotechnology (Monsanto), Conglomerates (Emerson Electric), Batteries (Energizer), Rental Cars (Enterprise), Financial Advisors (Edward Jones), Education (Washington University) Cost of Living $150,000 median home price vs. $217,000 national average History/Culture St. Louis has long been considered the “Gateway to the West”,…


Harvard Business School Essay 6

6. What do you wish the admissions committee had asked you? You could call it fanatic or pathetic (or dare I say… prophetic?), but I wish the admissions committee had asked me about my love of the Boston Red Sox. Like a red badge of courage, the mantra of the Red Sox fan is, “wait…


Curse Reversed!

The Boston Red Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals in last week’s World Series, reversing “the curse” that had hung over the team since 1918. Jonathan Barrett (OB), Jake Heller (OA), Josh Romney (OH), Ryan Sweeney (OB) and Dan Gilbane (OB) were among the many HBS students who celebrated.


On-Campus Interview Series: KOB

KOB (as he is affectionately known) hails from Andover, MA. His interests include Southwestern food, reading, New England sports teams and fishing for big striped bass. [The Editors also think they saw KOB with a big striped bass in the Kong once!] Fact File: Kevin O’Brien (OI) Height: 6ft Weight: 200 pounds Eyes: Hazel (picks…


The Greatest Day of the Year

For many at HBS, the greatest day of the year is the last day of school. Please – let’s be realistic, when in your life will you have another two year break? Answer: when you are seventy years old and playing bridge with a bunch of raisins in Florida. (Author’s note: I am a partner…


Summertime is not over…

Thursday, October 16th 2003. A day that will stick forever in the minds of many people around here… yes, right, the Sox didn’t make it to the World Series (a couple of quotes heard on campus: ‘Usually managers are hired to make decisions!’ …and, from a case: ‘…the New York Yankees are able to buy…


A Walk in the Rain with Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet, among other things, is known for his ability to choose winning teams and let them soar. Following his talk in Burden, the Harbus had the opportunity to take a pleasant stroll in the rain with the “Oracle of Omaha” to discuss his strategies on investing in winning leaders in today’s global economy. Harbus:…


Zibby Crashes Chatham

It?s easy to get caught up in the heavy workload of first semester. It?s tempting to become totally distracted by things like midterms or group projects. But I seem to remember a certain PowerPoint presentation delivered during Orientation Week in Burden that instructed us all to keep some balance in our lives. Remember?Well, last weekend…


What I Learned in the RC

20. Always take your answers out to four decimal places19. Countries fail when their leaders can’t calculate CAGRs 18. AES is like a magic ball made of rubber bands17. Canadians swear a lot at the negotiating table16. Never underestimate the vitriol between the controller and the guy on the shop floor15. Windows is better than…

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