Wonderbread Daze

All consultants have a “Wonderbread” story. To my fellow consultant refugees, I dedicate my Wonderbread story to you. During what became my final project at “a top-tier consulting company,” I was staffed on an internal study in Stamford, CT. Formerly a run-down, crime-ridden city, Stamford has tried to revitalize itself by attracting companies to its… Continue reading Wonderbread Daze

NH: Vaunted Madness

Vaunted Madness is down to its Sweet Sixteen. Spearheaded by Section H Deejay, Brian Hoskins, Section H has been participating for the past few weeks in a self-run tournament of silly games. Every student participates, broken out in “country” quartiles, and then each student also turns in their brackets, hoping to be the one who… Continue reading NH: Vaunted Madness