The HBS Lingo

Before HBS-WrongBeing Quiet or Making a concise statement Now-RightLoud nonsense, “organized” in outline form, referencing:a) Several exhibits showing mapsb) Generations of false expertisec) Irrelevant work experience Before HBS-Attractive MarriedSomeone’s partnerEd. SchoolWorked in marketing and has personality defect Now-Unattractive Attractive Before HBS “I plugged numbers into a spreadsheet.” Now“I learned many lessons about teamwork at Goldman… Continue reading The HBS Lingo

New Year's Resolution

I’ll admit it: I was ready for a nice long winter break. I was eager to get back to reading bestsellers and memoirs, seeing old friends, renting movies, skiing for hours on end. I even triumphantly abandoned my computer on my desk at school to collect dust as I traveled and relaxed.But after I left,… Continue reading New Year's Resolution