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Journey to Antarctica

A student journeys to the far end of the earth over Winter Break After a decade of traveling and a passport nearly full of stamps, one place had still eluded me – Antarctica. Upon a little research, a lot of saving and a bit of persistence, my wife and I made the trip down to…


HBS Rugby Reloads in Preparation for New Season

With IM season in full-swing, one could be forgiven for initially mistaking the squeal of shoes and the excited shouts emanating from Shad for the start of basketball season. Take a step inside to examine things more closely, however, and you’ll quickly discover this is no rag-tag, pick-up basketball team. Fresh off a highly fruitful…


An HBS Career in Question

YEAR 1 Where are you from?What did you do before HBS?(Do you know so-and-so?)Where did you go to college?(Do you know so-and-so?)Where are you living?(How are those dorms treating you?)Do you have a study group yet?(So, who’s in your study group?)What section are you in?Who are your profs?Plans for the summer yet?Who are you interviewing…


J-Crew Returns from Winter Break

Section J returned to the HBS scene with renewed vitality from a well-deserved winter break. While some felt the bite of the economy and went in search of summer jobs, some preferred to ski, socialize or do the old-fashioned “Home for the Holidays.” Many came back loaded with goodies like Julie Bell who came back…


The new age of D

Relaxed, worn out, or just incredibly tanned from our experiences over Winter Break, the House of D has returned to find the changes for the New Year are not reserved for the White House alone. This House has some significant changes of its own! First of all, several D’s have returned with new looks for…

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