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Real Partners of HBS – From Military Life to Business School

“Army Wives”, the highest-rated drama series in Lifetime’s history, follows the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of wives living with their spouses and families on an active Army post. They face deployments, abuse, hostage situations, adultery, and post traumatic stress disorder, just for starters. While the series is busy depicting the lives…


The Glass Is Still Half Full

The Asia Business Club sponsored this event, which was the final of the HBS Public Speaking Club’s Outstanding Speaker Series for 2007. Retired Lieutenant General Christman is responsible for representing the Chamber in front of foreign business leaders and government officials. Additionally, he provides strategic leadership on international issues affecting the business community while overseeing…


On-Campus Interview Series:

This week we talk to Luke Herbert (NE). This tough-as-nails graduate of West Point has served the United States Army in several dangerous locations around the globe. More recently, he has endangered himself with a hard-running, crash-tackling style of play for the HBS rugby team. The Harbus found Luke in The Grille, entertaining a group…


The Lowest Common Denominator or Home-Sweet-Home

MegaCorp, Cambridge Division. Brad Madeupname III, product of a leading East Coast Business School, swept confidently down the corridors of power. The young blade was eager with anticipation, ready for his first board meeting since becoming a director. His rockets were fuelled and ready to fly. En route, he exchanged knowing nods of recognition with…


Tribute to Jimmy

This afternoon when I came home from class, I was saddened by the official news from the Pentagon that my buddy, Captain Jimmy Adamouski, United States Army, was killed with five other soldiers, when their helicopter went down in the Iraqi desert. I say “buddy” even though I didn’t know Jimmy very well. A month…

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