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The Dating Write-Up: Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

In FRC and LCA, we have learned that despite a firm demonstrating outstanding profitability, a lack of robust controls and boundary systems can result in a company culture that undermines the entire business. It is imperative that the HBS dater consider how she or he can set up mechanisms that both encourage positive behavior in…


Genuine Prosperity

America, the land of opportunity and success, is one of the wealthiest countries in the world; yet, the country is also known to be one of the highest Prozac-popping countries in the world. Perhaps the definition of wealth and prosperity must be more carefully defined. According to Tom Butler-Bowden, author of 50 Prosperity Classics, wealth…


Steak, Coke and Candor with Warren Buffett

The sage of Omaha, the steak lover, the cherry-coke addict, the noted philanthropist, the 77 year old Investment genius, the relentless conversationalist and the effortless entertainer – this uncomplicated man from Nebraska defies everything you would expect from the third richest man in the world. Yes, it’s true – Buffett is something else! Humble, hilarious,…


Warren Buffett:

On October 28th, the “Oracle of Omaha”, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, descended on the HBS campus for the first time in almost two years. Mr. Buffett, an economic advisor to John Kerry’s Presidential campaign, spoke at the invitation of the Harvard Business School Democrats Club. Students were clearly eager to benefit from the Oracle’s…


From Heaven to Hell, Halloween Masquerade Party

Some members of the January Cohort put on their own “unofficial” masquerade ball as a way to blow off steam from a week of interviews (or a lack thereof). Hell was in the basement featuring cases from first year Meg Whitman, Wingspan, and National Cranberry. The ground floor was Earth and exhibited contemporary “Day of…


Amgen's CEO Provides Candid Reflections on Leadership

Kevin Sharer, the Chairman and CEO of California-based biotechnology giant Amgen, Inc., faced some stiff competition when he came to HBS last Thursday. Despite the draw of the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, who was speaking at the same time, Sharer’s inspiring talk pulled a standing-room only audience out to Aldrich to join in a…


Embarrassed To Be an HBS Student

What an end to a week it was. Warren Buffett and Jack Welch-and a day apart! Two of the greats of American capitalism, right here at Burden Hall, Harvard Business School. I can’t imagine too many other forums in the world where such distinguished speakers would offer up their precious time to speak to 1,800…

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