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Occupy Harvard Pro-Con

Our Responsibility to Occupy Harvard By Ben Beachy and Jason Rowe (HKS) Since the Occupy movement entered the gates of Harvard Yard, too much discussion has focused on the gates themselves, not the responsibility of those of us who study behind them. One of the gates—Dexter Gate—bears the following inscription: “Enter to grow in wisdom. …


An Interview With the CEO of Credit Suisse

The Banking world is perceived to be a man’s world. There are not many women on Wall Street and those who are there do not last as long as their male counterparts. We’ve heard of cases where banks were accused of discriminating against women, not promoting them on time, paying them less than the men…


Inside Hell Week

If hell week doesn’t get you, the Boston winter will. There’s a reason “hell week” is so named, but unfortunately, the hell of the job search isn’t confined to one week in February. A glimpse into the life of a first-year student searching for an internship reveals the grueling process of landing a summer job….


Republican vs. Democrat — A Parents Choice for President

Republican Paul Buser (OH) and MPA ’09, Contributing Writer The historic election in front of us takes on a greater significance when considering the next generation to whom we will bequeath our great country. It is the sensible choice to pass along the Republican ideals of freedom, empowerment, and love of country. Election day has…


HBS Hosts Financial Conference

On Saturday, November 17th, Spangler and Aldrich took on a new life as Wall Street professionals, government officials, academics, and students from the Harvard community and a dozen other major business schools convened for the 2007 Harvard Business School Finance Conference. The conference featured a combination of speeches and Q&A from prominent industry professionals, panel…


Investor Peter Lynch to Speak on Investing in the Future

Renowned investor Peter Lynch will be speaking at HBS about a topic to which he is very dedicated but is seldom asked to discuss-his focus on philanthropy. For the past 17 years he has served on multiple charitable boards and as Chairman of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund for which he has raised over $65M to…


Green Is Good

Gordon Gecko is the world’s most famous LBO investor and star of the movie Wall Street. Green-for lack of a better word-is good. Green is right. Green works. Green clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Green, in all of its forms, has marked the upward surge of mankind. And green-you…


Student Association Co-Presidents Excited for the Year Ahead

For those in your first year, you are undoubtedly getting to know your classmates on the deepest possible level with those three magic questions: “Where are you from,” “Where did you go to undergrad,” and “Where did you work before school?” No worries, neophytes, this three-query barrage does not last for your entire HBS career….


Zoe Cruz Delivers Remarks at Alma Mater: Discusses Success, Adversity and Change at Morgan Stanley

Equipped with the disarming candor that has earned her the distinction of “Cruz Missile” among contemporaries, Morgan Stanley’s Acting President, Zoe Cruz (MBA ’82), had several pieces of wisdom to share with those contemplating their own forays into financial services as recruiting season officially kicks off. What you’re learning in LEAD matters, having fun in…


The Art of Business

Recently, an article detailing the latest shopping habits of SAC Capital hedge fund honcho Steven Cohen circulated throughout the internet. Specifically, the article detailed Cohen’s $300 million spending spree on fine art pieces, including a $25 million Andy Warhol and a $25 million Pollock. Billionaire hedge fund investors are the next breed of successive generations…


Start Bragging. Your Career Might Depend on it.

I would guess that it is commonly believed that nothing turns people off as fast as bragging. However, based on the number of magazine articles and books written lately about bragging, it seems nothing turns people “on” as fast as bragging. “Brag doesn’t have to be a distasteful four-letter word,” writes Peggy Klaus in her…


Culture & Wall Street: No Longer Just An Urban Legend

As investment banking becomes increasingly commoditized, the keys to ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage will be innovation and creativity, which in turn will be driven by attracting and retaining bright and motivated employees. Unfortunately, while investment banks have traditionally excelled at managing their financial capital, they have struggled with managing their human capital. But change…


The Network at Harvard Launched in February

A new force is taking Harvard University by storm. It is called The Network at Harvard, the first and only network organization uniting all of Harvard University’s graduate school women from the graduate schools of arts and sciences, business, law, government, medicine, education, public health, divinity, dentistry and design. The Network launched in early February…


The Network at Harvard Launches

A new force is taking Harvard University by storm. It is called The Network at Harvard and it will be the first organization to unite all the women students at Harvard University’s graduate schools of arts and sciences, business, law, government, medicine, education, public health, divinity, dentistry, and design. The HBS Women’s Students Association (WSA)…


HBS Has-Beens Challenge Harvard Undergraduate Varsity

On Saturday, December 12, the HBS Tennis Team played the Harvard College Varsity B Team at the Murr Center. Harvard College boasted a #1 Northeast Ranking and a #31 National Team ranking last season, making this a tough match-up for HBS, even though Harvard’s top players did not compete. Coming off a one-practice warm up,…


John Mack on the Current State of Wall Street

John Mack is getting softer, and he thinks that Wall Street is coming along with him. At least, so he said to an audience of HBS students on Monday, October 20 in Spangler Auditorium. In a speech hosted by the HBS Finance Club, Mack, the CEO of Credit Suisse First Boston, spoke about the improvement…


Working Knowledge Recommends:

Investor Relations for the Emerging Company by Ralph A. Rieves and John LefebvreJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002HBSWK Pub. Date: Oct 14, 2002 Ask any CEO who has gone through it: Your life and the life of your company changes forever the day after you go public. This book helps newly minted public companies address…


The Big Picture

She is a little girl in the basement of a brand new factory in China. She feels tired already; she would like to be somewhere else. But then, she gets the big picture. Now, she also can help the family. She puts the very first doll in its bright packaging, and watches it leave to…


Where I'm From: A Young Black Male's Perspective

The day was August 20, 1990. I had just purchased a one-way train ticket out of the place I was born and raised, and in the process grown to despise. Seventeen years filled with poverty, crime, racial discrimination, police brutality, death, and all of the other social ills facing a young black male growing up…


Journeying Onward, Upward, Inward

Since you left HBS last week, Matt, things have not been the same. We cannot find you studying in Spangler, having lunch in the Grille, hanging around in Harvard Square. And your seat sits empty in Aldrich.Clearly, some of us cannot understand your departure. After all, you seemed happy at HBS, had many friends, a…


The Absurdity of Biotech

“You walk into the VC’s office and say: Look here, I need $900 million to build a biotech company. I won’t show any profits for the next 15 years, and will depend on the support of my competitors for half of my revenues. And the best part? The probability of failure is 90%!”Very few people…


Navigating The Labyrinth

Over winter break, I finally found the time to process how HBS had impacted me during the first four months. I found myself grateful for new friends and for the intellectual development received in the classroom. I had grown as a person, which is to be expected when one is placed in such an intense…


Career Talk

There is plenty of opportunity for MBAs in the entertainment industry, and this opportunity is growing every day. Sure, you could always put your MBA to work in the entertainment industry in the finance department. But now it is becoming easier for us to find the jobs we want in other departments where creativity is…


Seeking Loved Ones, Seeking Answers

I emerged from my first class at 10 am on September 11th to hear a few classmates saying that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center in New York a short while ago. The World Trade Center. New York. My first reaction was one of disbelief &- we New Yorkers tend to think…


Street Insiders Commune On Vault.com

Calling themselves “shaken and saddened,” the folks at that MBA web Mecca, Vault.com, endured a trying day and maintained their message boards as a forum for Wall Street insiders to share information and vent their feelings. Some of the messages posted on the investment banking, Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Accenture boards following the World Trade…


WebMD Saga Continues

The Wall Street Journal can’t seem to get enough of the WebMD story. And rightfully so. Following an 87% drop in the firm’s stock price over an eight month period, and the resultant institutional investor frenzy , WebMD founders Jim Clark and Jeff Arnold resigned in October, 2000. Prior to WebMD, Jim Clark brought us…


Clean Oil Is Slick Proposition

Vacations on island paradises and ski retreats may come to an end in the next several years for HBS students. In fact, “most of the earth’s people will be on the losing side,” says Harvard University environmental scientist James McCarthy, who co-chaired a panel covering last week’s heralded “Climate Change 2001” report by the UN….


Calling on the warrior mentality

Debby Hopkins, EVP and CFO, of Lucent Technologies, was the first keynote speaker at the Women’s Student Association Conference on January 20, 2001. Debby Hopkins is known in the business world as “one of America’s top ten CFO’s.” She has risen to No. 2 on FORTUNE’s list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business…

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