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Bill George tackles the Leadership Crisis

Bill George is a familiar face around campus as the Henry B. Arthur Fellow of Ethics and a professor of Management Practice teaching both Leadership and Corporate Accountability and the popular EC course, Authentic Leadership. His latest book, “True North: Discovering your Authentic Leadership” has jumped into the Wall Street Journal top ten rankings in…


Prize4Life Launches $1 million Prize for ALS Research

HBS Student and Alum to launch a $1 million prize for the discovery of a bio-marker for ALS. Prize4Life Inc., the non-profit organization founded by Avi Kremer (OI) and Nathan Boaz (MBA 2006) announced on November 6 that it will launch a $1 million prize for scientists and researchers who discover a bio-marker for Amyotrophic…


Keep a Pulse on Technology

This week The Download reviews the best sources for the latest new technology. To celebrate the end of midterm season, we begin this week’s technology column with a multiple-choice question. Are you:(a) Interested in working in the technology industry but out of touch with the space?(b) Envious of sectionmates who know the difference between a…


Arrogant or Simply Confident?

“Many corporate recruiters love to hate the Harvard Business School. While acknowledging its talented faculty and students, they complain about the arrogant culture, graduates’ excessive salary demands, and their ambitions to be CEO tomorrow.”–The Wall Street Journal, 20 September 2006 We are nothing if not consistent. For the second year in a row, HBS ranked…


Recent Harbus Alums Publish Essay Guide

Former Harbus Publisher, Dan Erck (HBS ’04) and Harbus Chairman of the Board Candidate, Pawel Swiatek (HBS ’04) spent their second year at HBS doing more than writing papers, looking for jobs, and bonding with sectionmates. They also wrote and published a book. 65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays was released this summer, after…


An Unconditional Apology

Wow, this week has seen some developments – Nick’s tragic withdrawal from editing the Harbus, CNN coverage of the event and a question over the freedom of speech in Harvard. I felt a little left out so, to join in the spirit of “covering my butt,” I’d like to just make the following apologies. They…


The Big Picture

She is a little girl in the basement of a brand new factory in China. She feels tired already; she would like to be somewhere else. But then, she gets the big picture. Now, she also can help the family. She puts the very first doll in its bright packaging, and watches it leave to…


Dressing For Interview Success: Casualness Breeds Casualties

Visit www.jmwanes.com for more information. Copyrighted by J.M. Wanes & Associates. Reprinted with permission. You’ve probably heard all the sayings: “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, “the first impression is the lasting impression”, “if you dress like a person of substance and integrity, you will, more often than not, be…


When Are Leaders Made?

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, consistently appears as one of greatest three Presidents in U.S. history in rankings by academics. The most recent comprehensive survey, co-produced by the Wall Street Journal in October of 2000, collected responses from 78 eminent scholars in history, law, and politics who ranked Lincoln as the…


The WSJ's Glass House

By now, everyone has surely seen the story broken by the Wall Street Journal about the call for resignation of Harvard Business Review Editor Suzy Wetlaufer after her staff revealed an alleged affair she had with Jack Welch. Welch has not commented on the allegations, and Wetlaufer, according to the WSJ, told her staff she…


Former Trustbuster Tackles Life as Bertelsmann U.S. Chief

Even for most aspiring CEOs, the notion of assuming responsibility for the most massive market in the world on behalf of one of the planet’s six largest media empires would be cause for restless nights. Not for Joel Klein. “I’m 55,” the former trustbuster cum chief of Bertelsmann’s American operations told a standing-room-only audience on…

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