50 Things You're Unlikely to Ever do Again Once You Leave HBS

1. Sit in a room with the CEO of a company and tell them to their face that their strategy is stupid and will never work – with no repercussions.2. Go away for a weekend with 90 people you only met a month ago, to a cottage in Vermont with only 60 beds.3. Get up… Continue reading 50 Things You're Unlikely to Ever do Again Once You Leave HBS

This is Green Week!

For the whole of this week, March 26 to March 30, HBS will host its third annual Green Week, a series of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness throughout the HBS community. Sponsored by the Student Association, the event is jointly organized by the Business and Environment Club (BEC), Restaurant Associates and HBS Operations. Several… Continue reading This is Green Week!

Green Living – Make the Light Switch

Switching to CFL bulbs make both economic and environmental sense. Who would have thought that the humble light bulb can make such a difference to the world? From the beginnings of its invention under Thomas Edison in 1878, the light bulb has undergone many improvements and seen many innovations. Today, we are presented with various… Continue reading Green Living – Make the Light Switch

Graziano de Boni:

What defines luxury? For Graziano de Boni, president and CEO of Valentino Fashion Group USA, luxury goods are characterized by five factors: time, quality, consistency, timeliness emotional fulfillment and scarcity. De Boni was invited by the Luxury Goods and Design Business Club to address HBS last Wednesday and spent an hour outlining the dynamics in… Continue reading Graziano de Boni:

What Do Women Want?

What do women want? Although most men like to think they have us figured out, the reality is that each woman comes complete with her own set of problems and demands. Fortunately, for both men and marketers, the answer to this question may be as easy as identifying a woman as one of four archetypes.… Continue reading What Do Women Want?

Nine Ways To Better Naming

Need to name your business? Want your name to have zing? It’s not as easy as it looks — the naming process can be full of hidden challenges and pitfalls! To guide you, Harbus offers the following nine tips to better corporate naming. 1. Do not hire “naming consultants.” Look, if you want to reallocate… Continue reading Nine Ways To Better Naming

What Do They Do, Anyway?

So, you’re sitting in class and you’re giving the masterful comment that will prove to everyone that you weren’t the admissions mistake. All of the sudden, the shark that blasted your comment the day before gets up and walks out, right before you start your “comment to save you from three-ville”. So, where does she… Continue reading What Do They Do, Anyway?

A Walk in the Rain with Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet, among other things, is known for his ability to choose winning teams and let them soar. Following his talk in Burden, the Harbus had the opportunity to take a pleasant stroll in the rain with the “Oracle of Omaha” to discuss his strategies on investing in winning leaders in today’s global economy. Harbus:… Continue reading A Walk in the Rain with Warren Buffet

Why "Incent" is Not a Word

I was just going to say, when I was interrupted, that one of the many ways of classifying minds is under the heads of arithmetical and algebraical intellects. All economical and practical wisdom is an extension or variation of the following arithmetical formula: 2 + 2 = 4. Every philosophical proposition has the more general… Continue reading Why "Incent" is Not a Word