On March 31st, WILL YOU CARE?

On Saturday March 31st, for the first time, the HBS Community will come together in a day of service.  After speaking with fellow MBAs at Kellogg and Wharton, who took part in Wharton Cares and Kellogg Cares www.replicaforbest.co.uk, Sebastien D’Incau, OJ decided that we needed more service at HBS: “engagement and community service matter”, says… Continue reading On March 31st, WILL YOU CARE?

F is for F-hilanthropy

Not letting the overwhelming time constraints of the RC year damper their spirits, Section F is working to stay involved in their community. On October 28th, 19 members of the new Section F spent an afternoon volunteering at the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). In addition, a core team of 10 is organizing a fundraiser… Continue reading F is for F-hilanthropy

RCs Engage in Service Competition

The RC volunteer coordinators have developed a new service competition. The strictly HBS competition measures the volunteer contributions of the RC students and RC sections. The RC volunteer coordinators are proud to announce the launch of the HBS RC service competition. The program aims to demonstrate the altruistic efforts of RC students by highlighting individual… Continue reading RCs Engage in Service Competition

Packing the Pounds

On Wednesday, January 17, the African-American Student Union (AASU) sent a team of 18 volunteers to the Greater Boston Food Bank to inspect, sort and repack food that will be distributed to hunger relief agencies in the area. For many of the volunteers, it was their first day back to campus after the winter break.… Continue reading Packing the Pounds

First-Annual HBS Classical Performance Draws Full Crowd

The Art Appreciation Society presented its first-ever HBS Classical Performance Show Thursday, April 6. Organized by AAS Chairs Vani Krishnamurthy (NB) and Mark Oshida (NB), the event took place at the HBS Chapel and drew a crowd of about 60 people. Audience members cheered on the five acts, which began with Oshida on violin, accompanied… Continue reading First-Annual HBS Classical Performance Draws Full Crowd

Surviving Afghanistan

Irfhan Rawji (OD) spent his summer working as a social enterprise fellow in Kabul, Afghanistan. During his time there he advised the Da Afghanistan Bank (Afghanistan’s Central Bank) on reconstruction and reformation efforts. Rawji recently shared with the Harbus his thoughts on the country and his experience, as well as some of the images he… Continue reading Surviving Afghanistan