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HBS Unveils Tunnel System Extension Plans

Given the expansion of HBS campus, it is clear that a more extensive tunnel network is required Given the heavy snowfall recently, and the extreme temperature shock experienced by students returning from Spring Break in the Caribbean, it will come as welcome news that the buildings administration of HBS has finally confirmed rumors of a…


EC's Broadening Definition of "Section Event", "Excused Absence"

The start of a new school year is leading to bold new interpretations of standard HBS norms by this year’s EC class. For starters, “Section Events”, which last year meant, “something that the whole section is invited to,” now means, “Something that you’ll get an evite for, but are actually not expected to attend.” Creative…


Where the Hell Are the Damn Pitch Books?

Seth, take me off the damn speakerphone. That’s better.Now where the hell are the f@#king pitch books?! My flight leaves in am hour and I got nothing. Nothing! No models, no boilerplate, no spiral-bound books with a clear cover and black back. $20 million in fees are gonna vanish into thin air because you can’t…


Twisted Sister Live!

On October 24 at approximately 9:18pm, Twisted Sister took the stage at the Hampton Beach (NH) Casino Ballroom, which is neither a casino nor a ballroom, and even the beach part is questionable. My heart was pounding like a group of elvin drummers celebrating a successful harvest. I had never seen Twisted Sister live, but…


The Intraview's Post Game Interview with Goldie

Me ‘n’ Her Goldie: So, this date occurred in London. Where should the next Intraview occur: a) Paris, b) Milan, c) Bali, or d) Johannesburg? Papoutsakis: I don’t know, I think Bali would be pretty cool. Goldie: I’m sorry, the correct answer is Johannesburg. But that’s still OK because you tried. All right, let’s move…

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