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Microcosms in a Business World

Students from 70 countries are represented in the class of 2011, according to statistics compiled by HBS. Of those students, however, 64% are from the U.S. itself. The remaining 36% originate from developed countries like New Zealand, developing countries like Saudi Arabia and Chile, lesser-known countries like Uzbekistan, and countries with long war histories like…


Yummy Yum from Around the World

Be it a quick sandwich, a yummy soup, a vegetarian lunch or an artfully prepared elaborate King’s meal, Ha’s home cuisine seems to have it all. From rice and noodles to stir fry and sandwich, this cuisine would undoubtedly be one of the lightest, tastiest and, of course, healthiest cuisines in the world. Welcome to…


IXP 2010-Immersion Experience Program

This winter, the Immersion Experience Program (IXP) continued its focus on participant-centered, field-based experiential learning activities.├┐In January, almost 400 HBS students took part in six international programs – China, India, Peru, Rwanda, UAE/Bahrain and Vietnam – and three domestic programs – New Orleans, Silicon Valley and Boston – giving first- and second-year students an opportunity…


Venture Capital Coffee Series a Resounding Success!

The TechMedia club hosted the Venture Capital Coffee Series, which was warmly received by the HBS student community. Held in Aldrich after the Kabaddi tournament on Friday evening, initial fears of a low turnout were overturned when 54 RCs and ECs turned up for the event. The co-speakers of the evening were Michael A. Greeley…


John Kerry: Capable of Running the "Hard Yards?"

Karl Rove and Republican strategists have been having a difficult time since the Iowa caucuses. Where it once seemed as if Howard Dean would sail through the primaries and easily gain the Democratic nomination, John Kerry has emerged as the front-runner with commanding victories in the opening battleground states. Rove and company were licking their…


Editorial: March Madness

In this week’s issue, along with printing the results of the ‘controversial Harbus Poll’, in the special “HBS at Wartime” section, we asked several students, as the start of a continuing dialogue on the topic, what their initial opinions of the war have been. As far as my personal initial feeling about the war, I’m…


The Intraview

Dancin’ the Night AwayBy Heidi Brooks (NE) I was completely shocked when I received the email last week from Goldie telling me my number had come up. Wow. And from the Kennedy School – apparently there aren’t enough single men here at HBS. Anyway, I was encouraged when I found out that he had specified…


Now I Know What You Did Last Summer

I still remember with great clarity the day that I came home to find that envelope from HBS. After a few seconds of euphoria the questions arose: What now? What do I do next? Which brings me to my bigger question: What happens after a group of high-powered, high achiever types come home from the…

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