50 Things I Wish I'd Known when I Applied

Given that it is admit weekend this weekend, and the lovely people at the admissions office are at full capacity churning through applications, interviews and offers, I’ve found my mind turning back to his time last year, when as a relatively disorganised second round applicant I was preparing for my interview and starting to believe… Continue reading 50 Things I Wish I'd Known when I Applied

News In Brief:

EC Student Accidentally Talks to Cross-Registrant(Aldrich 107) EC student Martin Macaffrey accidentally talked to cross-registrant David Thompson before their Venture Capital and Private Equity class last Thursday. “I thought he was one of the few HBS students I’ve never meet,” said Macaffrey, “But then he pulled out some makeshift cardboard name card with ‘David’ handwritten… Continue reading News In Brief:

News In Brief:

Technical Question Looks like Non-Technical Comment (Aldrich 508) When Abe Marcotti raised his classcard during FRC last Tuesday and told his professor he was “confused about expensing stock options,” Professor Lampley and classmates expected Marcotti to follow up the statement with a technical question like “What is Black Scholes” or “What did Yasu Wantanabe say?… Continue reading News In Brief:

Running the Partnership Gauntlet:

In an industry with very few minority professionals, AASU’s accomplished management consulting panel showed us amazing examples of success, featuring some of the most senior African-American professionals in the industry. Tonicia Hampton (MBA ’99, OH), an associate at Booz Allen & Hamilton, moderated an informative panel that addressed the role of a consulting firm partner,… Continue reading Running the Partnership Gauntlet:

Moderator's Perspective: Achieving Work/Life Balance

The critical issue of work/life balance was a common thread that ran through a majority of the panel discussions at the 11th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference. Is it possible for a woman to maintain equilibrium when faced with the numerous disparate roles and responsibilities that lie at the intersection of work, family, community,… Continue reading Moderator's Perspective: Achieving Work/Life Balance

HBS Taps Alumnus for Career Services Slot

After a lengthy search, HBS has hired Matt Merrick (HBS ’96C) to head MBA Career Services, replacing Linda Carrigan, who left last December.The appointment brings the office back to full staff at a crucial time for both HBS job-seekers and the department. The national economy appears ready to move into its first recession in a… Continue reading HBS Taps Alumnus for Career Services Slot

Bioterrorism Conference Provides Few Answers

Experts on bioterrorism from across the country gathered at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) last week to discuss the threat of bioterrorism, and how individuals, states and nations could respond. While the symposium had been planned for months, Dean Barry R. Bloom of the HSPH noted its timeliness. He discussed how the events… Continue reading Bioterrorism Conference Provides Few Answers

George W. Bush Timeline

1946 George W. Bush born July 6 in New Haven, Conn.1948 Bush family moves from Connecticut to Texas.1950 Sister Robin born.1953 Brother Jeb born. Robin dies of leukemia.1955 Brother Neil born.1956 Brother Marvin born.1959 Sister Dorothy born.1961 Enrolls at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass.1964 Graduates from Andover and enrolls at Yale University. His father loses… Continue reading George W. Bush Timeline