Get Unwired.

No one doubt whether wireless networking (WiFi) is a hugely practical and liberating innovation. Our campus is “unwired” to support our free roaming and wandering internet usage to the point where after 9 months we are already taking it for granted. So much in fact that we have started cursing the fact that Bluesocket isn’t… Continue reading Get Unwired.

Impressions of a First Year

Harvard Junior High…. Think about it. They provide an endless supply of over-cooked, cardboard-crusted, sawdust-dry “pizza” to sedate us. We go batty when the professor turns off the lights and shows a video (each time a professor shows a video, it reflexively evokes these reactions as if we have never seen a video before). The… Continue reading Impressions of a First Year

Zibby Talks Tech

I’ve always considered myself technologically savvy. I was the family member who would set up the new CD player. I knew how to adjust the tracking on the VCR when the image was unclear. And, hey, I worked at an Internet incubator in California during the peak of the dot-com economy. Why wouldn’t I be… Continue reading Zibby Talks Tech