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Volunteer Consulting Organization – A Different Kind of Club

The Volunteer Consulting Organization (VCO) is unique among what seems like millions of student clubs at HBS. The reason: it makes a significant impact on people outside of HBS. VCO attracts students that are interested in volunteerism as well as many interested in consulting, and a wide variety of non-profit organizations hosted VCO projects last…


Volunteer Consultants:

The Volunteer Consulting Organization (VCO) provides HBS students with the opportunity to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to help non-profit organizations in the area. Last year, over 140 students teamed up to work with 35 organizations throughout the spring semester and similar numbers are expected this year. Last December, the VCO hosted…


Laying Down the Gauntlet:

You hear it all the time around campus, whether it is in the burrito line in the Grille or in the Sandwich line in Spangler: “Hasn’t anyone here taken TOM before? Don’t they know the trials and tribulations of the batch system vs. the assembly line? Put some buffers near that bottleneck and, boy, we…


Volunteer Consulting Organization Gears Up

Have you been looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the greater Boston community? What if that way involved an activity such as developing a growth strategy for a local music organization, formulating a marketing plan for an educational nonprofit, or strategically evaluating the opportunities for building a training institute for teachers who mentor…


How Consulting Can Be Good for the Soul

Question-How do you help a visionary with a great idea to preserve as much open space as possible? Answer-We have some clues… only time will tell.On April 30th, 2001, five other members of Section F and I met with our client to discuss this very issue. Our client was the Shelter Island Fund, a local…

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