Sapphire Ventures’ Quiet Approach Speaks Volumes with HBS Alums

Ask any current HBS student with a background or interest in venture capital this simple question: “What is the best-performing venture capital fund in the world?” Likely answers include Sequoia, Accel, NEA, Greylock or Andreessen Horowitz – each a smart pick. Yet, a quick look at CB Insights’ list of the top VC funds with… Continue reading Sapphire Ventures’ Quiet Approach Speaks Volumes with HBS Alums

#OverheardOnWestrek – Tactical tips on how to break into start-ups, big tech and VC

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By Jennifer Hurford, Harvard Business School Class of 2017 Secretly thankful you didn’t get any of those consulting/banking jobs you felt FOMOed into interviewing for? Here are some tips for getting a job in tech and VC brought to you straight from the mouths of HBS SF alums in big tech, start-ups, clean tech, and VC.… Continue reading #OverheardOnWestrek – Tactical tips on how to break into start-ups, big tech and VC

Kwama Sutra

Sing it with me: The ECs were having troubleWhat a sad, sad storyNeeded some fresh romanceTo restore their former gloryWhere, oh where was he?Where could that man be?The women looked aroundAnd then they foundThe man to save the universityAnd now it’sSpringtime for ECs at HBS.The Kwama Sutra will help you play Ah yes, it is… Continue reading Kwama Sutra

An Interview with HBS Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Jeff Bussgang (MBA ’95)

This article is the second in the series of interviews with this year’s Harvard Business School Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Sponsored by the HBS Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program invites accomplished entrepreneurs to commit to either a semester or full academic year working with faculty and students on campus. On Monday, October 5th, Aldrich 112… Continue reading An Interview with HBS Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Jeff Bussgang (MBA ’95)

Finish HBS or Launch a Business?

Given HBS’s strong culture of entrepreneurship and the current market environment, many first-year students are facing the decision around leaving to launch a business. Below are thoughts and reflections from two recent HBS students who left after their RC year to launch consumer-internet startups. Jeremy Stoppelman (HBS ’05), CEO/Co-Founder of Yelp replica watches What did… Continue reading Finish HBS or Launch a Business?

They Said It…

“The Achilles’ Heel of globalization is that we’ve been driven to over-optimization resulting in maximum vulnerability.”Niall Ferguson, attempting to explain the underlying cause of the current financial contagion. “If you board a Boeing 777 from Beijing to JFK airport, you’d have a hard time picking which one was the emerging market.” Jeffrey Immelt, illustrating the… Continue reading They Said It…

Creating the “Born Global” Company

In a panel on Entrepreneurship in a Global Setting moderated by TEM Professor Toby Stuart, three panelists discussed the types of businesses that are best suited to be born into a global economy. The panelists were: Donna Dubinksy (MBA ’91) – Founder and CEO of Numenta, Inc. and former CEO of Palm Inc.; Hiroshi Mikitani… Continue reading Creating the “Born Global” Company

Summer Stories – Raj Ramachandran, Discovering What You Don't Want

This article is about my summer experience with a cloud computing startup in Silicon Valley and what I learned about the industry, the geography, and my own interests. When I first met with my career coach, he asked me the ever-present question on the collective RC conscience- “What do you want to do?” After mentioning… Continue reading Summer Stories – Raj Ramachandran, Discovering What You Don't Want

EasyJet Founder: Brand Equity Fuels Company's Success

Stelios is one of Europe’s most famous and successful entrepreneurs. At 28, he created easyJet, Europe’s largest low-cost airline, and has since established more than 16 easy-branded ventures. Other easyGroup companies are as diverse as Internet caf‚s, on-line recruitment, music downloads, mobile telephony, car hire, buses, personal finance, cinema, male toiletries, pizza delivery, hotels, a… Continue reading EasyJet Founder: Brand Equity Fuels Company's Success

Careers in the Energy Industry

Energy is hot. Oil, natural gas and electricity prices are all near record highs. Debate over global warming continues to divide the US and other nations, as ongoing conflict in the Middle East underscores the strategic importance of natural resources. Meanwhile, ExxonMobil made a profit of $9.9 billion last quarter, the largest ever for any… Continue reading Careers in the Energy Industry

Editorial: Why Women Want

I’ve never really understood how a gender that makes up more than half the population (51% in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau) constitutes a minority, but when it comes to women in business, the minority classification certainly holds true. In fact, the statistics are pretty grim. While women make up 41% of full-time… Continue reading Editorial: Why Women Want

They Said What?

This week, we have the honor of many great business insights from the weeks just before and just after spring break. Perhaps the air travel went to everyone’s heads. Reading through the quotes below, especially the ones about percentages and numbers, HBS may even be able to make the argument that we are even more… Continue reading They Said What?

Getting From HBS into Venture Capital

With well-known alumni such as John Doerr and Jeff Walker, Harvard Business School has long been thought of as the breeding ground for future venture capital and LBO stars. In a recent study of prominent Venture Capitalists (VC’s) with MBA’s, 36% earned their MBA from HBS while Stanford came in a distant second with 20%,… Continue reading Getting From HBS into Venture Capital


This article was formerly known as “New J Goes Skiing”. During the transition to EC, it was changed to “OJ Goes Skiing.” And in a few short months the title will change again to “Section J Class of 2002 Goes Skiing-Alumni Update.” We wanted to avoid such name changes and we wanted to maintain one… Continue reading Symbol

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From MD to VC

In the Harvard Business School Class of 2000, over 60% of the graduating physicians chose to become venture capitalists, either private or corporate. And even now as the public capital markets continue to slide, this popularity does not seem to be waning, prompting some observers to ask why. Certainly, one component of the appeal of… Continue reading From MD to VC