Valentine’s Day 2010: It’s Complicated

View A Highly Situational Culinary Survival Guide in a larger map If I learned anything from a certain geriatric rom-com over winter break, it’s that relationships start complicated and only get more so with age. Until you’re sexting your ex (-wife!), you’ve got nothing on Alec and Meryl, but choosing where to make dinner reservations… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2010: It’s Complicated


Striving to wow your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you plan to spend the holiday entertaining friends. In any event, it is my personal philosophy that the best way to anyone’s heart is through his or her cocktail glass, which is why I have made a hobby of blending ‘tinis for special occasions and… Continue reading Valentinis

Money with Mia

Those of you who know me know I love chocolate. White, dark, semi-sweet – it makes no difference to me. Chocolate is chocolate, and I don’t care what wrapper it comes in. I’m a sucker for Godiva as well as for Hershey’s. On a recent excursion to Harvard Square with my sister, I stopped by… Continue reading Money with Mia

HBS Couple Profiles – Jack Hogan & Claudia Monteiro de Campos

Harbus: What are they two of you doing for Valentine’s Day?Jack: That’s a secret!Claudia: Jack’s New Year’s resolution was to stop drinking until Valentine’s Day.. so I anticipate a cool trip and some champagne…ÿHarbus: How are the wedding and honeymoon plans progressing?Jack: Wedding plans are moving forward: we’ve become shamefully desensitized to ridiculous prices, which… Continue reading HBS Couple Profiles – Jack Hogan & Claudia Monteiro de Campos

From the Stomach to the Heart

Depending on your relationship status and role, Valentine’s Day may be your day to be spoiled, or may present a daunting challenge. So here’s a list of restaurants that should cover many potential date scenarios for good old St. Valentine’s Day (or other big nights), and which offer reservations (crucial). May yours be memorable, appropriately… Continue reading From the Stomach to the Heart

Chocolate Lovers' Delight

Still looking for the perfect way to romance your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? If that special someone is fond of sweets, look no further. The “Chocolate Bar” has been an annual event at the Langham Hotel’s elegant Cafe Fleuri since 1989. On Saturday, February 3, the HBS Partners’ Club (with a group of more than… Continue reading Chocolate Lovers' Delight

Downtown Hangouts Popular Destination for Valentine's Day Outings

Wherever you head this Valentine’s Day in the greater Boston area for a night out on the town, chances are that gifts will be involved – one of the more popular being candy of some sorts. The National Confectioners Association says that Valentine’s Day is the 4th largest holiday in candy sales, with over $1-billion… Continue reading Downtown Hangouts Popular Destination for Valentine's Day Outings

"High-Fives" Places a Respectable Third in Valentine's Day Gift-Giving Polls

For those of you fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be in a relationship this upcoming Valentine’s Day (February 14 for those with short-term memories), the celebration will certainly include the ceremonious exchanging of gifts. For those of you on the giving side of the equation, this represents not only an opportunity to express your affection… Continue reading "High-Fives" Places a Respectable Third in Valentine's Day Gift-Giving Polls

Make it a Blockbuster Night: In the Mood for Love

Alas, Valentine’s Day has passed: Cupid’s quiver awaits next year’s fresh supply of arrows; the roses, once abloom in a hue of delicious rouge, have faded; the chocolates devoured; the cards stashed away…but does this mean that romance has to wait another year to merit any form of celebration? To those in any form of… Continue reading Make it a Blockbuster Night: In the Mood for Love

Cupid's Arrow

Negligence in relationships occurs in two dominant varieties. Most of the time, two people discuss the situation and rectify it in some fashion. Sometimes, however, one party consistantly denies the existence of a problem yet embraces every possible chance to remind the other of his transgression. This is the fate of a man who forgets… Continue reading Cupid's Arrow

HBS Valentine's Day Plans

In your opinion, Valentine’s Day is: 54.5% – A marketer’s dream18.2% – Another day, another case 18.2% – Special time of the year to say “I love you” in a creative way 9.1% – Great opportunity to reveal true feelings . . . and get embarrassed To get ready for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be: 31.8%… Continue reading HBS Valentine's Day Plans

Kid-Friendly for Foodies

If you feel the need to break up with your significant other over dinner soon, Full Moon is probably the way to go. Instead of a weepy goodbye, all the dour couples with hordes of children running dutifully around in the restaurant’s play area will make you yearn for eternal hermitdom. Stop by for lunch,… Continue reading Kid-Friendly for Foodies

Ten Things I Love About You

Let’s face it, guys. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying Valentine’s Day is lurking upon us all. For those of you lucky enough to have that special someone in your life, Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to openly recognize the importance of your relationships. For others, Valentine’s Day can either be… Continue reading Ten Things I Love About You

Buying a Valentine's Day Gift for Your Man

Buying Valentine’s gifts for men is tricky. When giving advice to my female friends on the topic, I usually tell them that whatever they’d like to receive on Valentine’s Day is exactly what they should NOT buy their significant other. Flowers? Not unless they started growing black roses. Jewelry? Not unless it’s a 50 cent… Continue reading Buying a Valentine's Day Gift for Your Man

Which is more hip, the O-Bar or Chili's?

Even though the Euro may be rapidly collapsing against the dollar, Europe provided exactly the touch of glamour this week’s cosmopolitan couple needed. Boston just seemed too provincial for this pair, so a trip to Europe was in order to set the right tone for their date. Actually, it turns out Europe might not be… Continue reading Which is more hip, the O-Bar or Chili's?