Insider’s Perspective – China

China is the country where Confucianism is deeply rooted in daily routine and harmony is built within individual, family, and community. It is the country where you can enjoy the exciting modern life and appreciate the miraculous ancient wisdom and the country where a dragon is mascot but everyone loves the pandas. China welcomes you.… Continue reading Insider’s Perspective – China

Warmth After A Severe Snowstorm

On January 10, 2008, southern China was struck by a violent snowstorm that lasted 3 weeks. The storm killed at least 107 people, destroyed houses and crops, ripped down power lines, and interrupted the water supply. Over 100 Million people were directly affected by the snowstorm. 1.7 million of the population were forced to evacuate… Continue reading Warmth After A Severe Snowstorm

HBS Insider : Financial Markets and Investments

So What Does the (Financial) World Look Like in 2006 So Far? The economic data seems to point to a global slowdown. Although the effects are unevenly distributed among the majors, clearly a soft patch is upon us. Pick GDP, for example, which took a dive and fell unexpectedly to a disappointing 1.1 percent in… Continue reading HBS Insider : Financial Markets and Investments