Immersion Experience – Mexico: En memoria de mi primo

The hills beckoned on the last morning of the Mexico IXP. Our Crowne Plaza hotel overlooked the city’s central river, beyond which low hills rose to the Sierra Madre. We had been in Monterrey three days but I had not had time to jog through the city (a habit of mine when traveling). Just across… Continue reading Immersion Experience – Mexico: En memoria de mi primo

Green Is Good

Gordon Gecko is the world’s most famous LBO investor and star of the movie Wall Street. Green-for lack of a better word-is good. Green is right. Green works. Green clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Green, in all of its forms, has marked the upward surge of mankind. And green-you… Continue reading Green Is Good

Film Review: Ray

Although significant and unique in each one’s own right, not every individual can be considered a legend. Legendary people are known to grip adoring mass attention; they just seem to have…something. In the world of music, legends have been known, amongst other things, to have that ability to appeal to a crowd and still touch… Continue reading Film Review: Ray

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The Coastal

. . . So I’m sitting in another EM case, and I have to hear another comment: “It makes sense to go and focus on a place like New York City, but I’m concerned about their idea of marketing salons in Kansas City.” Like people in Kansas City don’t have hair. It’s not a mean… Continue reading The Coastal

Mexican Rave

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula boasts magnificent Mayan ruins, sandy beaches, the world’s second largest coral reef with great diving, and locals so friendly you would think they put happy-pills in the water. These many assets are not those that attract the swarming mass of American college kids who descend locus-like on Cancun for Spring Break. They… Continue reading Mexican Rave