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U-turn on I-93 to “Face Fears, Pursue Dreams”

The Economics of Markets professor turned the question over to the floor: “As non-Americans, how do you perceive living in the US?” Without hesitation, I shot my hand into the air. “Professor,” I said, “I have come to this school to gain access to the US. I will work here after graduating for four or…


NJ Goes Skiing

Ours was the only Newport Ball pre-party dedicated to a charitable cause. We began with a grand auction where everyone had to bring something of significant value to be for auctioned. Within minutes it became clear this had not been thought through clearly. People had bought an assortment of goods. Eric Sillman had bought some…



Think `Nicaragua’ and what springs to mind? A tin-pot republic, a crumbling economy, oppressive security and a muzzled press? The harrowing images that flashed across our TV screens in the 1980s as dubious US interventions stoked the fires of civil war? A small group of HBSers recently traveled to Nicaragua for 10 days and found…


Spring Break in Nicaragua

Whatever happened to Nicaragua? A few years ago the country was front-page news in the New York Times every other week, for all the wrong reasons. Chances are your impression is of a volatile banana republic plagued by natural disasters and rumbling civil war between Marxists and US-backed counter-revolutionaries. Yet the reality is very different,…



Welcome to the Harbus Special Section on the Healthcare Industry. This is the first of a series of Special Sections that the Harbus will devote to in-depth examinations of some trends and issues in leading industries. We chose to begin with Healthcare because it is something that touches us all. The Healthcare industry is the…


HBS Rugby Crowned World MBA Co-Champions

The HBS Warriors traveled to Duke University last weekend to compete in the World MBA Rugby Championship. Thirty teams came from all over the world to play in this increasingly competitive tournament but in the end North Carolina’s atrocious weather prohibited an outright champion from being named. Four teams, including HBS, reached the semi final…



Vineeta Vijayaraghavan’s debut novel deserves the rave reviews it is getting. Set in the early 90s in India, the book explores the scenario of reverse migration. Maya is a fifteen year old girl from New York, spending the summer at her grandmother’s house in a small tea estate in India. Maya had been brought up…


Third Millennium

As we enter into February of the year 2001, I can’t avoid looking back… to our recent past … to the year 2000. The year 2000… it is over… it feels strange. Millions of people had been looking forward to it – anxiously – for years, perhaps decades. Literarily millions of clocks around the world,…



Welcome to the G.W.Bush special issue. Spearheaded by Rick Zednik NF the issue aims at bringing the new president of the US and HBS’s most powerful alum closer to members of the community. As with all special issues to come, this has been explored under various sections of the paper with spoofs and cartoons in…

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