Crutches, Sprains and Pulls

“I look around campus and all I see are the maimed and the injured.” (Melissa Studzinski, NE) Call it the Weekend Warrior Effect, Reclaiming Our Lost Youth, or maybe just Denial, but playing sports at HBS can be pretty hazardous. There were 82 reported injuries at Shad between September 2002 and March 2003, from ankle/knee… Continue reading Crutches, Sprains and Pulls

Harvard UHS Director Sees Mental Health as Top Concern

Harvard University’s Director of University Health Services (UHS) sat down recently with The Harbus to talk about managing UHS, HBS health services, and his top health concerns for the University. He also referred to the “caring community” at HBS as a “fascinating aspect of the b-school” and credited Dean Clark and his administration for the… Continue reading Harvard UHS Director Sees Mental Health as Top Concern

Student Health Insurance FAQ

1. What is the difference between the Student Health fee and the Student Insurance Plan fee? What are these monies used for? The Harvard Student Health Plan contains two health insurances that work together. Your Student Health Fee pre-pays medical and mental health services provided by and at the Harvard University Health Services and its… Continue reading Student Health Insurance FAQ

Time for a Moratorium on Cold Calls?

Last week’s Harbus quoted Dr. Richard Kadison, Chief of Mental Health for all of University Health Services, describing a rut that several HBS students fall into. The way he described it, the rut begins with anxieties about the infamous HBS opening cold call. Because of those anxieties, students can lose sleep by over-preparing for class,… Continue reading Time for a Moratorium on Cold Calls?

HBS Assembles Support Networks

Leaders of the HBS religious community and student services officials have assembled a far-reaching support network for any members of the HBS community who have suffered losses or grief related to the apparent terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. “It would be a great tragedy if anyone thought that they need to… Continue reading HBS Assembles Support Networks