Turnaround Symposium:

Why did United Airlines file for Chapter 11? How did the airline restructure itself to recover from bankruptcy? These points and more were addressed during the opening keynote address at the February 23 Turnaround Symposium by three of the key professionals who handled the largest airline bankruptcy ever recorded. Todd Snyder from Rothschild kicked off… Continue reading Turnaround Symposium:

Dean Clark Issues Prompt Message to Campus

At 10:14 Tuesday morning, barely an hour after two planes from Boston crashed into the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center, HBS Dean Kim Clark e-mailed all students, faculty and staff to cancel classes and offer help to shaken members of the campus community. At the time Clark sent his message, only one… Continue reading Dean Clark Issues Prompt Message to Campus

Airlines Post Messages

Two airlines whose planes were involved in the crashes, American Airlines and United Airlines, have posted information on their websites: //www.ual.com///www.aa.com/ Other major airlines have expressed their solidarity: //www.usairways.com///www.delta.com/home/index.jsp//www.continental.com///www.nwa.com/ Lufthansa tells where its North American flights have ended up://www.lufthansa.com/index_en.html The following flights on September 11, 2001, will return or are diverted:LH442 Frankfurt-Detroit, landed in FrankfurtLH408… Continue reading Airlines Post Messages