One MAC Daddy of a Case Rip Cord

Congratulations to Colleen McCaffrey (OE), who appears to be the first member of the Class of 2002 to be a case protagonist! She is the primary author of MAC Development Corporation, where she appears as a major player in her family’s Chicago commercial real estate firm. This case was taught in first year Entrepreneurial Management… Continue reading One MAC Daddy of a Case Rip Cord

The Place to Wait

Uncle Jordy recently visited an old friend who has retired to Columbia, South Carolina, the state capital and home of the University of South Carolina. He decided in this era of unnecessarily arriving at the airport two hours early, the airport in Columbia is the place to wait. Here’s the Top Ten reasons why: 10.… Continue reading The Place to Wait

The Intraview:

What is the Intraview and why should you care? For the uninitiated, the Intraview is a bizarre Harbus concept in which a professional matchmaker scours the campus for the perfect couple, sends them off on an evening of their dreams, and lets the entire Harbus-reading student body learn about the results. Unfortunately, the Harbus’s ad… Continue reading The Intraview:

The Harbus Intraview

Greetings from HDSby Zachary Drennen, HDS Harvard Divinity School students don’t often mix with Biz School students-no one likes seeing Capitalism and Organized Religion in close proximity. Nonetheless, the Capulets and the Montagues united, if for one brief moment, over Easter Sunday (fitting?) in yet another episode of Uncle Jordy’s homespun Intraviews. I had such… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview

The Harbus Intraview

Body by Jakeby Colleen McCaffrey, NE Add one too many heart-decorated envelopes from the local country music station soliciting me to join their singles hotline and my mom’s ongoing attempts to set me up, and I finally saw the light. I finally decided to stop resisting Uncle Jordy’s incessant prompting and go on a Harbus… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview

The Harbus Intraview

Speed Racerby Brian Ericson, NP It was every guy’s teenage fantasy come true. Or at least one of their teenage fantasies–the one involving really fast cars. I’m not really sure what teenage girls dreamt about, but judging by Robin’s initial trepidation, I was pretty sure it wasn’t this! Nevertheless, she was a good sport, and… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview

Post Game Chat Session

Uncle Jordy: Hugh wrote something in Viewpoint last week about the Shad Caf‚ becoming “jilted like that bitchy girlfriend or wet boyfriend you ended up hating.” Carolyn, what in THE hell is a “wet” boyfriend? Carolyn Bockius: As I was reading Hugh’s article, I too wondered what exactly a “wet” boyfriend was, so I’m afraid… Continue reading Post Game Chat Session

Intraview with Cyrus Hadidi, ND and Amy Reinhard, NC

His Story So, one day it happens. You’re sitting there, pretending to study, and you see the little envelope pop up. You’ve got mail. Of course, you stop all attempts at studying and alt-tab over to Outlook. Job offer? Social invitation? Another duplicative HBS club email? Another duplicative HBS club email? And there it was—an… Continue reading Intraview with Cyrus Hadidi, ND and Amy Reinhard, NC

The Harbus Intraview

Her StoryThe Duck Hunter’s Taleby Julie Ritter, NG Ever since the beginning of the year, I have been rallying the troops around my section with cries for “more personal humiliation!” Unfortunately, Uncle Jordy must have heard those cries from his classroom across the hall, because when it came time to identify “live ones” for an… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview

Post Game Interviews

Thought it’d be interesting to ask our two Intraviewers some questions after their southern journey. These interviews were conducted separately, but I’ve intermingled the responses for fun. Uncle Jordy: Dobbs, did you really get lost, or were you just trying to pull that “ran out of gas” trick? It’s a little cold for that, no?… Continue reading Post Game Interviews

Harbus Intraview – With Hildegunn Naas, OI and Brian Tockman, ND

Her Story What do you do when your best friend turns you in to the Harbus for an Intraview and calls you a chicken if you don’t accept… In the end, you accept. On Friday afternoon, I get a phone call from Brian to arrange our Intraview. Uncle Jordy had told me that our date… Continue reading Harbus Intraview – With Hildegunn Naas, OI and Brian Tockman, ND