Lessons Learned

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, I am reminded of the myriad of issues surrounding the opportunities and pitfalls of the holiday season. The lessons were to get employees involved in the decisions, support programs that impact the highest number of employees and to be spontaneous about when they occur. Once a “precedent” is established,… Continue reading Lessons Learned

Turkey, Reheated

Many people believe that turkey tastes best the next day, slathered in mayonnaise and sandwiched between two slices of white bread.ÿIn general, we do not agree. Leftovers are yesterday’s news, and we like to look forward and continue to tackle the issues that are most important to the Harvard Business School community. But recent events… Continue reading Turkey, Reheated

Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Atakan Hilal (OF)

The Harbus sat down with Atakan Hilal (OF), who returned to his home country of Turkey for the summer. Atakan came to HBS with four years of experience at Nestle www.replicabestsale.co.uk, a brand respected worldwide, and hoped to spend his summer trying his hand at consulting. He shared his frustration of being an international student… Continue reading Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Atakan Hilal (OF)

HBS Mysteries

Where did the turkey(s) go? Where did the turkey(s) come from? I’m sure someone knows… but they remain an HBS mystery. Was there only one turkey or two? Perhaps the turkey(s) knew the answers to some other mysteries.” You’ve been here a while, you know how it works, you know the score, what you are… Continue reading HBS Mysteries

Summer Stories – Chris Tyler, Istanbul

I spent my summer in Istanbul working for yemeksepeti.com (Turkish for foodbasket.com), a food-focused internship that gave me the chance to test the limits of my stomach and learn more about international business. I found the internship through Endeavor, a US based non-profit that provides services to its network of entrepreneurs. Yemeksepeti is an e-commerce… Continue reading Summer Stories – Chris Tyler, Istanbul

Class Day Essay Finalists – Kent Bennett

Be bold. “Be bold when facing down an aggressive male turkey.” The pamphlet’s advice rang in my head as I eyed the great beast. Months earlier, when local efforts to revitalize the wild turkey population had brought sightings of a feathery resident to campus, I had been confident that the school would take the same… Continue reading Class Day Essay Finalists – Kent Bennett

Two Parables of the Wild Turkey

I Prefer Eternal Darkness to Light The other day the wild turkey wandered off its regular course near Burden and found itself in the back garden of Dean Light’s impressive house. Curious, the turkey snuck into Light’s dining room through a back window. Dean Light was at the dinner table with 5 HBS students. Undetected,… Continue reading Two Parables of the Wild Turkey

Feathered Friends

No, this article is not a study of avian evolution, a treatise on bird reproduction or even a paper investigating turkey migratory patterns (my days of publishing actual academic research are over, much to the joy of the scientific community). I’m concerned with, or at least bemused by, the recent explosion of the on-campus turkey… Continue reading Feathered Friends

50 Things You're Unlikely to Ever do Again Once You Leave HBS

1. Sit in a room with the CEO of a company and tell them to their face that their strategy is stupid and will never work – with no repercussions.2. Go away for a weekend with 90 people you only met a month ago, to a cottage in Vermont with only 60 beds.3. Get up… Continue reading 50 Things You're Unlikely to Ever do Again Once You Leave HBS

A Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, so this time I wanted to celebrate more than once. I invited 15 friends to a pot-luck Thanksgiving this past Sunday evening to share their favorite recipes and give thanks for everything we have. For those of you who might not make it home, or plan to… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Feast

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Bridging The Chasm: A Reconciliation of Civilizations

Turkey’s impending accession to the EU has the power to bridge the chasm between Islam & Christianity and bring hope to millions in the Islamic world. In this column, we take a look at the conditions attached to the accession, the conflicting views held by vested interests, recent developments on this issue and most importantly,… Continue reading Bridging The Chasm: A Reconciliation of Civilizations

Democracy in the Middle East: An Oxymoron?

The following is the first of a series of articles on major political issues by Political Columnist Navroz Udwadia (NA). January 30th 2004 saw the Prime Minister of Turkey visit the Kennedy School of Government (KSG), where he gave a speech that focused squarely on an issue of great importance to the world: democracy in… Continue reading Democracy in the Middle East: An Oxymoron?

On-Campus Interview Series: A Delightful Turk

Alongside their obvious talents for Finance, Strategy, Marketing and so on, many members of the HBS faculty have impressive hidden sporting talents. Assistant Professor Zeynep Ton is no exception replica breitling. These days, Dr Ton spends her time teaching in the Technology and Operations Management department, and researching retail operations and supply chain management. In… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: A Delightful Turk

Forget Iraq:

All eyes are on Iraq these days, but conventional wisdom holds it’s just the first step of the Bush administration’s larger push to gain hegemony over the international oil and gas industry. Two factors could stand in the way of the US grand plan though: Central Asia and Europe. A microcosm of this battle is… Continue reading Forget Iraq:

Holiday Recipes

Pineapple Souffl‚ A great side dish but can also double as a dessert. A Calamari Family favorite, don’t tell mom that I disclosed the recipe! 3 eggs3/4 cup sugar1 tablespoon Flour2 20oz cans of crushed pineapple (juice drained)white bread (cubed)1 stick of butter Melt butter in separate bowlMix eggs, sugar, and flour, in large mixing… Continue reading Holiday Recipes

Finagle a Bagel:

So maybe at this point in the semester, you’re starting to feel like you’ve put on a few pounds from all those nights out, and you’ve lost a few dollars somewhere along the way. But you have to eat, so why not kill a two birds with one stone and take a trip to Finagle… Continue reading Finagle a Bagel:

Doing Business in Islamic Countries: The Impact of Faith-Based Practices on Markets

January 23 — With 1.3 billion people, a rich endowment of natural resources, and large pools of capital, Islamic nations are a significant piece of the global economy. The immense geographical scope of the Islamic world stretches from North Africa to the Middle East and Asia, and each region is scattered with diverse subcultures of… Continue reading Doing Business in Islamic Countries: The Impact of Faith-Based Practices on Markets

To Intern or Not? That is the Question

The real world reared its ugly head over the last few weeks, as cohort students began to think about their lives outside of the HBS bubble. In pursuit of August internship positions, approximately half of the cohort interviewed with a range of consulting and investment banking firms. After the interviews concluded, the response from the… Continue reading To Intern or Not? That is the Question

A Gem in Somerville

EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Now that you know the secret behind the unusual name, you may think that the mystery is gone. Quite the contrary, the journey has just begun. Situated at the intersection of Beacon Street and Washington Street in Somerville, EVOO quietly invites you inside with gracious gauze window coverings.… Continue reading A Gem in Somerville

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