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Confronting Nationalism: FIELD 2
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Confronting Nationalism: FIELD 2

By Dmitry Zhdankin, HBS Class of 2017 In an airplane on my way back to Boston, I flipped through the pages in my passport. Several of them were now filled with brand new stamps from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and—my FIELD2 destination—the Philippines. They now officially confirmed that I got a chance to visit Asia. Yet despite…

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Fleeting Bliss in Beirut

‘Dream as if you’ll life forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow’   Certainly one of the most over-memed (or ‘grammed) quotes out there. Gandhi must be pissed www.replicaforbest.co.uk. Yet it is also seemingly the most apt way to describe Lebanon’s approach to happiness.   It was perhaps a rather foolhardy visit – the foreign…


An MBA Live Blog of South by Southwest

South By South West (SXSW) is an annual gathering of tech startups and indie rock bands in the weird and crazy city of Austin, Texas. This live blog details one day at the festival as reported by three attendees.


GIX Team in Nigeria Succeeds Despite Riots

“So, why are you going to Nigeria?”  It is difficult to explain to an airport customs official why a HBS student would go to Lagos during Nigeria’s most disruptive labor protests in forty years.  But, that is the situation that the Nigerian GIX team found themselves in during J-Term. The GIX team consisting of Chuma…

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FIELD: Sao Paulo

Over the past week, the cohort 6 teams have gotten to know quite a bit more about the Brazilian market and their respective partners’ industries. With the help of our local partners and enthusiastic translators, we were able to survey Brazilians of all age ranges, meet with impressive entrepreneurs and business owners, find more amazing…

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Confessions of a Field 2 Skeptic

It’s fair to say that I was a massive Field 2 skeptic. After this wonderful, fascinating week in Mumbai it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but if you’d asked me whether I even wanted to come here in the first place, the honest answer would have been no. I was fixated on all the wrong…

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Letters from the FIELD: First Impressions of Sao Paulo

Buffett dinner at Churrascaria Souths Place After finally falling asleep on the long and fairly sleepless flight from DC to Sao Paulo, Monica Baik–my seatmate–said to me “Did you see all of those soccer fields right before we landed?”  Sheepishly, I mumbled, “Hmmm? We are here?” The drive from the airport to our hotel, Melia…

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Letters from the FIELD: 5 Million Scooters in Vietnam

Scooters in Vietnam They are everywhere. Colorful, gearless scooters, which are the primary means of transport for almost every resident in Ho Chi Minh City. There are reportedly some 5 million scooters in Saigon, which is home to 10 million residents. With gas at $4 a gallon, and mostly just 2 lane roads with almost…


Flashbacks from Lebanon August 2011

Last night I dreamt I went to Lebanon again. It has been hard adjusting. Sometimes I wake up in the very middle of the night, I put my blue suede slippers on, my yellow sunglasses, and my jacket, and I head out of my door – Sky Bar bound. Sky Bar is a place of…


HBS Rugby Posts Two Shutouts in a Row, Hosts Old Boys Reunion Weekend October 28-30, 2011

In back-to-back recent weekends, the HBS rugby team was canvassing the greater New England area, putting on rugby clinics for opposing teams.  In systematic fashion, the team posted shutout victories in Rutland, Vermont over their men’s team and in Montreal, Canada over the McGill University MBA team. The Rutland match was hard-fought from the beginning,…


Finding Your True Self in Germany: Oktoberfest 2011

From Sept 22nd through 25th,over 120 HBS students traveled to Munchen to partake in the annual Oktoberfest beer festival.  Without question it was one of the cultural highlights of my time at HBS.  We experienced the immaculate planning of our German contingent replica breitling, tasted the rich flavors of the local beer and food, and…


The HBS Global Impact Experience (GIX)

You’ve seen the emails, heard from your classmates and maybe from prior participants about the Global Impact Experience (GIX) at HBS. The Harbus sat down with Co-Presidents Anthony Muljadi, Chuma Ajene, and Seif Khoufi to learn more about the GIX and why students should consider this as an integral part of the HBS experience //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html….


HBS Soccer Club Strong Showing In Austin

“As Co-Captain, I would actually like to tip my hat to the Co-Captains of the Club for our fine leadership in Austin.” The HBS Soccer Club looked to continue its successful run from last fall into the spring this past month as it journeyed to Austin, TX for the annual Texas MBA Soccer Classic, the…


The Turkish Republic

It is cliché to call Turkey a bridge between continents and cultures; yet, there is no other phrase truly summarizes Turkey’s identity. Turkey is a large peninsula located at the junction of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its land in western Asia is called Anatolia and its land in southeast Europe is called Thrace. Turkey’s neighbors…


One City that will NEVER be the Same

Before buckling down for exams this past fall, HBS Rugby team headed south, way south to Austin, Texas for the University of Texas Fall Brawl. The team that has wowed crowds all over new England and come to be known as the “da baddest show on turf” was chomping at the bit for a chance…


The Haiti IXP

In addition to the consulting work that we did, the team had several cultural and professional opportunities, which made for an exciting and inspiring trip. Student leader, Kathleen Hebert (OI), kept a blog at //ixphaiti.wordpress.com, from which the following is summarized. The Environment We arrive in Port-au-Prince and are immediately overwhelmed by our surroundings. It…


IXP – The Brazilian Rendezvous

Contemporary global economic parlance has an acronym “BRIC” referring to four large emerging countries deemed to be at a similar stage of economic growth. While China and India are often referred to as the engines for world GDP growth, it is the “B” within the BRIC that holds some of the world’s largest agricultural, petroleum…


IXP – The Smiling Coast

It is 6 pm, on Thursday January 6th and the plane I find myself on just took off for Banjul, the capital of The Gambia in West Africa. There is a river flowing through this country named Gambia and instead of naming the country the more creative “Gambio,” it was decided that “The” would be…


South Africa

Every country in the world displays some diversity, but South Africa is clearly one of the most with hippos in the Limpopo River to the penguins waddling on the Cape.  There’s the deserted Kalahari, Namakwa’s springtime symphony of wildflowers, iconic Table Mountain and Cape Point, Kruger National Park’s savannah grasslands (scene of the famous lion-buffalo-crocodile…


IXP – The Good, The Bad & The ‘Lank

The HBS Outdoors Club made its first ever trek to Sri Lanka this J-term, and 22 lucky members enjoyed the stunning landscape and friendly people over eleven days of adventure. From testing their TOM skills with a nerdy visit to the Pedro Estate Tea Factory, to viewing Avatar-esque countryside in Dickoya and spectacular cliffs from…


Careers in Travel and Hospitality: Highlights from the WSA Conference

On Saturday, January 28, seven business leaders in the travel and hospitality industry traveled to campus by planes, trains, and automobiles to offer career advice to HBS students as part of the WSA Dynamic Women in Business conference. Reflecting a growing interest in the travel industry on the HBS campus, there was great enthusiasm among…


Chairman of British Airways: Deregulation is Key to Industry Comeback

“The airline industry isn’t working today … half of all U.S. passengers are carried on bankrupt airlines,” stated British Airways Chairman Martin Broughton Thursday, January 19 at an event organized by the Leadership & Ethics Forum and the Travel and Hospitality Club. Theÿex-CEO of BritishÿAmerican Tobacco went on to present his vision for a deregulated,…


Most Plan to Travel, Spend Big for Thanksgiving Break

For those who celebrate, Thanksgiving often means lots of travel to see family sometimes scattered across the country (or the globe, for that matter). For others, the break next week means a chance to get off campus and see new places.ÿ Unfortunately, going anywhere means cracking open the ol’ checkbook. Many who forgo the break…


A Look At:

You don’t need the Harbus to tell you that options for gainful employment are bleak this summer, but we’re assholes so thought we’d mention it anyway. Thankfully, we’re a bit more constructive than the folks over at Career Services, who so thoughtfully included this reminder at the end of their recent poll: “POLL INCOMPLETE. YOU…

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