RCs, You Are Not Alone…

Study groups are part of the HBS learning experience. They usually provide help with case preparation, and are terrific social and networking settings. Now imagine the same thing, but dedicated to the second pillar of a successful HBS experience: the job search. Tempting, isn’t it? Well, those groups exist, and they are called the Career… Continue reading RCs, You Are Not Alone…

Career Teams : We need your help for next year!

Powerful innovations always start as a delicate experiment. In 1908, it was HBS. Today, we think it could be the Career Teams Program. Upon receiving the baton from founders Sasha Grinshpun and Peter Platzer, we would like to share with you our vision, our plans for next year, as well as how you can contribute… Continue reading Career Teams : We need your help for next year!

HBS Difference?

All of us are now seasoned HBS vets. Seems that we tend to take HBS blessings for granted, and that the initial excitement left room for a more complacent attitude. That’s probably why sharing perspectives with future students during the last Admit Weekend was such a refreshing experience. It reminded me of those times of… Continue reading HBS Difference?

What's Hot This Week

Ron Peracchio, the acting director of MBA Career Services, took a break from the recruiter outreach and CareerLink management activities that have been consuming his time lately to address the HBS Student Association’s Wednesday meeting last week. Although scheduled to speak largely about the office’s new initiatives for expanding international job opportunities (see last week’s… Continue reading What's Hot This Week

Recruiters Arrive on Campus, But Can They Offer Jobs?

Despite the gloom and doom predictions for the job market over the next year, the message from HBS Career Services is: “Don’t Panic.” While there is a reduction in the number of August Internships being offered and some delays for graduating students in beginning their jobs, the hope is that it will all be over… Continue reading Recruiters Arrive on Campus, But Can They Offer Jobs?