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Celebrating 40 Years of Earth Day

“We did not inherit the Earth from our forefathers, but it is on loan to us from our progeny.” That bit of ancient Native American wisdom is by far the most succinctly powerful statement that sums up the essence of Earth Day. The BeginningEarth Day was born 40 years ago, on April 22, 1970, when…


Tsunami: Turning the Waves of Disaster into Waves of Hope

Tsunami, a word unknown to most of us entered our vocabulary forever on December 26th. That day when the people of South Asia had hardly finished their Christmas celebrations, the tsunami caused destruction well beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. It shocked all of us and exposed our vulnerability to forces of nature by the extent of…


Editorial: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster

Oh, to be an admitted student again! Those were the salad days – the magnificent, magical months between receiving Brit Dewey’s letter and actually arriving at HBS. Full of expectation, full of promise, we achieved a new level of enlightenment in our life and in our work. We found that we could satisfy our needs…


Shifty Eyes

Yes, yes, yes, we are indeed back. Same faces, a little tanner and thinner, and with “old” as the prefix to our section identifier instead of “new.” And for the Class of 2004, oddly enough, this period resembles that of a year ago, except that, “so what section are you in?” has been replaced by…


The Country Effect: Does Location Matter?

Tigers, elephants, rabbits, and monkeys–even dragons–all play a part in Harvard Business School professor Rohit Deshpand‚’s search for success factors among high-performing Asian firms. But in the end, it’s the tigers and rabbits that oftentimes run the best zoo.The animals represent different types of organizations. Highly entrepreneurial organizations are rabbits, emphasizing innovation and risk-taking. And…


Now I Know What You Did Last Summer

I still remember with great clarity the day that I came home to find that envelope from HBS. After a few seconds of euphoria the questions arose: What now? What do I do next? Which brings me to my bigger question: What happens after a group of high-powered, high achiever types come home from the…


HBS Goes to Thailand

If you’re wondering what elephants, bamboo rafts, tailor-made clothing and spicy food have to do with Harvard Business School, look no further than this past summer’s Section D (and friends) Thailand Trek! That’s right – 32 of us experienced more than `one night in Bangkok’ as we made our way through Thailand’s industrial capital city,…

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