2009 Israel Trek

If the 2009 Israel trek was characterized by anything, it was by a sense of duality. It was at once a spiritual trip regardless of religious affiliation, and at the same time a crazy, fun-filled, couch-dancing experience that left all of us exhausted by its end. Organized by five Israeli members of the Class of… Continue reading 2009 Israel Trek

Immersion Experience – 2009 HBS Israel IXP

Forty-two students converged in Israel on January 2, 2009 for the inaugural HBS Israel Immersion under the direction of Professor Dan Isenberg – uncertain of what to expect in the face of the ongoing Gaza operation. Perhaps because this conflict is decades-old, in this small country (approximately the size of New Jersey) day-to-day life continues… Continue reading Immersion Experience – 2009 HBS Israel IXP

Responses to Sharon vs. Arafat Article

Dear Mr. Will, I am a second year student, originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. I am writing to condemn the article “Sharon vs Arafat” by John Shepherd published in the last Harbus, dated February 19, 2002. As the editor of the HBS newspaper, I expected from you discretion regarding your selection concerning the articles you… Continue reading Responses to Sharon vs. Arafat Article