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Pokémon Go or Pokémon Go Away
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Pokémon Go or Pokémon Go Away

Pokémon is taking the world by storm. For many, it’s been an addictive game that brings back just the right amount of childish nostalgia, but for others, the game is a zombie-inducing virus that’s infected their friends with the mindless obsession to “catch em’ all”. Here at The Harbus, we conducted a woefully non-scientific poll…


Foursquare CEO Advises Aspiring Entrepreneurs During Visit to iLab

As Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley addressed a group of MBAs in the iLab last Wednesday, he singled out one individual in the crowd. The student, whom Crowley did not know, was proudly donning a signature black Google fleece. After a bit of playful jeering, Crowley changed his tone: “But seriously, you’re probably really smart, I’d…

Blogs, FIELD 3 Startup Diaries

FIELD 3 Start-Up Trains the Valley

Every year, many HBS students graduate and go work for technology companies such as Google and Zynga. Other HBS students choose to start their own ventures, which require them to hire and manage web developers. But most of these students have never written a line of code and are unsure of how to work with…


Is HBS an Incubator for Female Entrepreneurs?

Gilt Group. BirchBox. LearnVest. Rent the Runway. Care.com. Angie’s List. Fashionstake. Baublebar. These are just a few of the high-profile, high-growth startups that have been started by Harvard Business School women. Despite the widespread belief in today’s tech monoculture that MBAs do not make good entrepreneurs, I’ve heard several investors say “I wouldn’t bet against…

HBS-founded CloudFlare is Sky High

HBS-founded CloudFlare is Sky High

We know Google traces its roots to Stanford, Dropbox to MIT, and Facebook to Kirkland House, but what recent high-tech company will HBS be bragging about years from now. The answer could be CloudFlare, founded by HBS MBA ‘09 grads and Section D classmates Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn. What exactly is this behind-the-scenes, 20-person…


Disrupting Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzz-Word of the Day

Why does design theory matter, what we can learn from it, and how we can practice it? I had the opportunity to speak to Tom Hulme (HBS ‘07), Design Director at IDEO London, on the topic of design and its integration with business //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html, which enabled me to conclude that the concept of innovation is…

On Campus

Eclectic Perspectives on an Electric Industry

The Energy and Environment Club will host its eighth annual Energy Symposium, this year entitled “Dialogue for a Brighter Future,” on October 22nd.  The flagship event, entirely student organized replica watches, is the first symposium on the HBS calendar and one of the most attended on campus.  It is also the opportunity for club presidents…


Thank You, Steve Jobs

I found out late that Steve Jobs had died. By late, I mean about two hours after the news had first made its way on to the internet. The entrepreneur of the century, the greatest business mind of our time. Despite these abstract accolades, I personally care. I actually do. I feel a sadness I…


Peter Thiel Uncensored

Does modern financial theory make sense? Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal and prominent venture capitalist, says no, and does so strongly. Speaking to a packed Burden auditorium, Thiel attacked the view of the world that has taken root in America—a view in which individuals cannot possibly have definite, deterministic views of what life will be…


Open for Business

Entrepreneurs-in-residence (EiRs) are quite possibly the best resource HBS has to offer the budding entrepreneur.  With the patience of a FIN1 professor, the determination of an EC trying to get into Professor Malhotra’s Negotiation class, and knowledge equal to that of Dean Nitin Nohria himself, the EiRs come to HBS with one purpose: to help…


Greening America through Knowledge

Do a quick search on the Internet, and it is obvious that CFLs are a scam instituted by big lightbulb lobbyists to force the everyday taxpayer to spend tens of dollars on new bulbs //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html.  Add to that the fact that hundreds of companies across the U.S. purport drastic energy efficiency savings at low, low…


Venture Corner: Vaiad in the Business Plan Competition

An Interview with Omar Restom (NF) What is your business? Vaiad is a system for websites to handle inbound advertising inquiries.  If a smaller advertiser wants to advertise on a website directly, he has to contact the website by phone or email, going back and forth for days or even weeks.  It takes so much…


Driving Techonology Ford-ward

This is not your parents Ford. In 2007 at the Detroit auto show Ford introduced it’s SYNC technology—an in-car communications and entertainment system built on the Microsoft platform. The new MyFord Touch is a bit more advanced. The new technology allows you to fully integrate all your favorite mobile devices with your car. It can…


Cyberposium 16

Consumers are demanding a slimmer set of higher quality content delivered through a narrower choice set. The second takeaway was that the transition to the public cloud, despite short-term hurdles, is inevitable.


Business and the Environment Initiative

The development of corporate integrated reporting (IR) standards has the promise to be one of the great business innovations of the 21st century, and could be pivotal in restoring public trust in business institutions, Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria told a seminal gathering of IR key stakeholders at an HBS workshop last week. Integrated…


Insider’s Perspective – Japan

Konnichiwa (greetings from Japan)! Japan- “Land of the Rising Sun” is a country where the past (ancient temples and shrines) meets the future (advanced technology and modern cities).ÿYou may be using words like “kaizen” and “keiretsu” in your discussions. But following are some things you don’t usually hear about Japan (or read even in the…


Human Development through Technology and Education

Two billion children of the developing world lack adequate education – the foundation for human development. However, technology offers a solution which empowers the poor of developing countries to pursue education and learning. It is a tool which holds the ability to transform the lives of the poor, as it provides a means to learn,…


Is Green REALLY the new Crimson?

Ever since I arrived as a RC last year I was bombarded with Green initiatives – work for HBS Green Living, become a Green Rep and posters of “Green is the new Crimson”. “Great!” I thought, “after living in Atlanta for seven years where there is no separate container for recyclables, finally a place where…


MBA Technology Improvements

The article shares with MBA students the new technology enhancements put in place at the beginning of the semester. These enhancements include the automatic display of classes and required events on Outlook calendar, the availability of a mobile phone version of class cards, and an increase in email storage quota. This semester, MBA IT welcomed…


Start Something!

Purple peanut butter. sold in a toothpaste tube. Believe me, kids will eat it up. Literally! Hmmm, I sense your apprehension. Not a buyer? No worries, I’ve got more. We all have great ideas (at least our moms think so), but often times these are ephemeral thoughts we might haphazardly jot down or make mental…


HIT Rescue: A Tech Solution to Serve Patients and Reunite Families

HBS students rely on iPhones to organize their life, track appointments during the day and remain connected to news and email at all times – but have you ever considered how an iPhone could be used to serve patients and reunite families in a post-disaster environment like Haiti? Arriving in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic three…


Lessons Learned-Fishbowl

As president, general manager or new owner, I learned that it was my actions that had the most impact on the organization, not my words. As such, everything that I did was observed, reported on, discussed behind my back and evaluated – I was in a “Fishbowl.” In most of the positions I held, I…


HBS Business Plan Finalists-Novophage Therapeutics

1. YOUR PITCH.Antibiotic-resistance superbugs are a growing problem in today’s hospitals and communities around the globe despite nearly $26 billion spent on therapeutics. In the US alone direct costs of infection are estimated at $28-34B (2007 USD). The outbreak of Staph infections at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in early April 2009 exemplifies the looming…


HBS Business Plan Finalists-CloudFlare

1. YOUR PITCH..Websites today are under attack. Every day web administrators are subject to a host of threats from email address harvesting to cross-site scripting to denial of service attacks. Our survey of more than 130 web administrators revealed deep frustration. The attackers were universally described as a web administrator’s “worst enemies on the Internet,”…


Entrepreneur Profiles–Phil Michaelson

What is the name of your company KartMe.com What industry/ sector would you classify it in? Digital media How long has it been running? How many people are involved? Its been a whirlwind year. I started work on a prototype the spring of RC year and was testing a live Alpha at KartMe.com by the…


Why Do Corporations Die?

Which is the best international company in quality of Management? McDonald’s! The traditional winners, Procter & Gamble and General Electric, have been toppled in the latest Fortune ratings. Bear Stearns, reveredÿas the “Most Admired” securities firm in Fortune’s List in 2005-2007, with 13,500 employees, is dissolving into thin air.ÿFortune’sÿsurvey is a covetedÿranking of talent, quality…


Summer Stories – Raj Ramachandran, Discovering What You Don't Want

This article is about my summer experience with a cloud computing startup in Silicon Valley and what I learned about the industry, the geography, and my own interests. When I first met with my career coach, he asked me the ever-present question on the collective RC conscience- “What do you want to do?” After mentioning…


TechMedia Alumni Dinner A Major Success

Over 150 past and current TechMedia Club members gathered in the Williams Room on Monday, March 17th for the club’s annual Alumni Dinner. The Williams Room was abuzz on Monday, March 17th as over 150 past and current TechMedia Club members gathered for the club’s annual Alumni Dinner. The event allowed tech and media-focused alumni…


Alumni Perspective – Meg Whitman (MBA '79)

Outgoing president and CEO, eBay Inc., National Co-Chairperson of Senator John McCain’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. Current Board member of eBay, the eBay Foundation, Procter & Gamble, and DreamWorks Animation. Prior experience at Procter & Gamble, Bain, Disney, Stride Rite, FTD, and Hasbro. Numerous accolades from leading publications, including being one of the few women to…

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