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Spotlight on Africa

Reflections from Rwanda By Lincoln Edwards (NE) What did you do over J-Term?I traveled to Rwanda as part of the first ever African IXP. The purpose of the trip was to provide volunteer consulting for non-profits in Rwanda. My team of six HBS students, plus one local business school student, worked with a USAID-funded non-profit…


Social Enterprise HBS Business Plan Finalists – Egg-Tech

1. YOUR PITCH.EGG-tech proposes to connect low-income Africans to power via a unique battery-swap business model. We will start in Tanzania, where the team already has local contacts, and then expand to the rest of the continent. Over 500 million Africans are without electricity. Difficult terrain, limited resources for infrastructure development, and a dispersed population…


Mr. Fuszard Goes to Washington

As a Social Enterprise Summer Fellow serving for the Joint Economic Committee in Washington, DC. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) had asked us to investigate the rising costs of prescription drugs treating rare diseases, and we uncovered the marvelous story of Trevor and his mother. After interviewing her and conducting a tremendous amount of research, we…


East Africa Trek

I still cannot believe that I had the chance to visit Africa despite my long history in connection with the continent. Everyone who grew up in the former Soviet Union knows the verses from a famous children’s book about Doctor Aybolit, who was asked by a hippo to go to Africa. When Aybolit asked him…


Black History Month

Black History Month is time for all of us to reflect on the many contributions and the rich ethnic heritage of African Diaspora. When my son Greg saw his first images of slavery in Tanzania last May, he couldn’t understand it. I tried to explain; but he has grown up in a world where everyone…


Egypt and Tanzania

On May 14th, while most first year students were still trying to get over a week that saw final exams, Newport Ball and a race to shore up internships for the summer and second years were getting over hangovers from the latest party culminating a year of debaucheries, 50 HBS students boarded a Swissair flight…

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