Thief on the Loose?

On April 3, 2009, a bicycle was stolen from outside McCulloch Hall, where it had been securely fastened to a bike rack. It is a reminder to us all that thieves are at large on the HBS campus, despite the apparent tranquility of our surroundings. Take care of your personal belongings. In honor of that… Continue reading Thief on the Loose?

Flag Raising Conflict

We all benefit everyday from the rich cultural, ethnic, and national diversity present in our sections; for many students, myself included, the section is the most internationally diverse setting in which we have immersed ourselves. By its very nature, however, the same diversity that enriches our classroom learning can just as easily lead to divisive… Continue reading Flag Raising Conflict

A Chinese Perspective

A group of students from Mainland China defend the administration’s current policy on flag raising. Two questions are implicated in the current controversy surrounding the display of national flags in HBS classrooms: (1) should the HBS administration regulate flag displays in classrooms, and (2) if so, what should be the appropriate policy on the display… Continue reading A Chinese Perspective

"The People's Premier" Speaks at Harvard

Following in the footsteps of China President Jiang Zemin, who stunned the world in 1997 by admitting during a speech to Harvard students that “mistakes” had been made in the Tiananmen Square massacre, China Premier Wen Jiabao spoke to Harvard students on December 10th amid tight security. Though smaller in scale than the one thousand-plus… Continue reading "The People's Premier" Speaks at Harvard

Harvard Team Heads to Paris for L'Or‚al Business Competition

Three students from Harvard, Marc Novakoff (OJ), Hector Lopez (OJ), and Sachin Palod (OF), will head to Paris to compete in the finals of the L’Or‚al e-Strat Challenge. Team Sino (NYU) and Team Locos (Harvard) will test their corporate management skills against teams from France, Taiwan, India, Poland, Brazil and Israel in this unique business/educational… Continue reading Harvard Team Heads to Paris for L'Or‚al Business Competition