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Kwama Sutra

The story of the Newport Ball is a story often told about HBS students: sex-starved individuals, still recovering from 100+ hour work-weeks, given access to an open bar, dancing and a hotel room. More than 100 hours have passed since the Newport Ball, and despite the gallons of Gatorade I have consumed, numerous types of…


Alumni Perspective – Robert Kraft, (MBA ’65)

A cold New England morning dawned at the Harvard Business School in 1963, when legendary marketing professor, the late Ted Levitt, sporting his distinctive, thick mustache and bushy, black eyebrows, while exhibiting his customary, theatrical teaching style, spotted his cold-call victim for the morning’s case about Marlin Shavers. This particular morning, his quarry was a…


Annual HBS Intramural Soccer Tournament

“Have you ever asked yourself what is the most beautiful sport in the world? Not an easy answer, huh?!? After seeing the Patriots win the Super Bowl, I thought it was football….then I saw the Sox win, so I thought it was baseball…..but on a cold day in early April I changed my mind after…


It's Chili Out There

Every year as we begin to slowly disregard our New Year’s resolutions, an event approaches that causes even the ber-athletic to sit back on the couch and enjoy a day of lounging around: The Super Bowl. However this is not a day for the weary; Super Bowl parties require a great deal of pre-game preparation….


A Super Bowl to Remember

Super Bowl time! This is one of my favorite times of the year. When I think about my favorite moments of watching Super Bowls, many great plays come to mind, like the Rams stopping the Titans at the goal-line in the waning moments of the game in Super Bowl XXXIV or Joe Montana throwing the…


Super Bowl Is Super Subsidized

In light of the upcoming Super Bowl, I had a curious thought – should taxpayers be footing part of the bill for a quarterback’s salary? Allow me to explain… It is likely that the stadium in which the Super Bowl (and most professional athletic games in America, for that matter) will be played is leveraged…


Euro 2004: The Biggest Sporting Event This Spring

In June and July of this year the world’s second biggest football (soccer for those of you who think that a game where you carry the ball in your hand is called football) tournament will happen: Euro 2004. If you thought the hype surrounding the Super Bowl was big you haven’t seen anything yet… The…


The Super Bowl: A Woman's Perspective

“Man, it’s the freak’n Levitra commercial again” everyone moans. “What woman wants a man to last for thirty six hours anyway; sounds more like torture than pleasure” one of the girls adds before the room breaks into idle chatter. Despite ridiculously boring commercials (with the exception of Budweiser, which made the majority of the room…


Were They Right?

Super Bowl Sunday has passed, but not before The Harbus gathered picks from around the campus. How close or far were these experts?: Derek Mendez (OD):I have absolutely no doubt that Tampa Bay is going to win the Super Bowl (due to the miracle of Harbus publication deadlines, I am actually writing this before the…


They Said What?

This week, we have the honor of many great business insights from the weeks just before and just after spring break. Perhaps the air travel went to everyone’s heads. Reading through the quotes below, especially the ones about percentages and numbers, HBS may even be able to make the argument that we are even more…



In case you didn’t know, the Super Bowl is on this weekend. For most Americans, this is pretty close to a national holiday – in fact productivity experts might suggest that the day after the Super Bowl (as well as the first two days of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament) should be a national holiday….


Who Let the Ds Out?

The Ds are back in full force! Not that they were ever missing. Even during Winter Break, the House of D managed to make its presence known. Ricardo Suarez represented the HBS perspective in the Denver News while on Denver Trek. Bilge Bahar made the papers after being photographed in Stockholm during EuroTrek. Antre Gibbs,…

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