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Social Enterprise Startup Perspectives Recap

What does it take to launch a social enterprise? And who are the key enablers in that effort? These were some of the questions explored on Tuesday’s panel event at the Harvard i-lab. Below a new mosaic of colorful glass sculptures and fueled with strawberry-banana smoothies, a full crowd listened to HBS Professor Allen S….


Occupy Harvard Pro-Con

Our Responsibility to Occupy Harvard By Ben Beachy and Jason Rowe (HKS) Since the Occupy movement entered the gates of Harvard Yard, too much discussion has focused on the gates themselves, not the responsibility of those of us who study behind them. One of the gates—Dexter Gate—bears the following inscription: “Enter to grow in wisdom. …

On Campus

HBS Team Places Third in MIT Sloan Sales Competition

As a prominent HBS entrepreneur-in-residence put it so eloquently, “Sales is sex, marketing is masturbation.”  Marketing is being alone in a room, staring a computer with the door closed.  Sales is interaction—meeting people, going door-to-door, pressing the flesh so to speak.  Though both sales and marketing have their time and place, this begs the question:…


The Harvard i-Lab enables the Next Generation of Innovation

Scribbled across one of the whiteboard columns in the previous home of the WGBH-TV are the words once spoken by Ken Olsen, co-founder of Digital Equipment Corporation — “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” These words as well as many other well-known erroneous predictions are written throughout the walls…

On Campus

The Great Escape: The HBS Charity Fashion Show 2011

The plan is in place.  On Monday 21st November, the EC, RC and partner model inmates rounded up by the RLGC police will be BREAKING OUT! That’s right, the HBS Charity Fashion Show is back and better than ever!  At hot new Boston club, Bijou, our very own HBS models will be sporting trend-setting looks…

On Campus


You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it floating around people’s Facebook. You might have even been featured on it. The StyledLuxe blog is here to demystify fashion for the broader HBS community and encourage people to show their creativity, have fun with fashion, and put their best-styled foot forward. The EC founders offer styling tips…

On Campus

IBM’s Watson Narrowly Defeats HBS Jeopardy! Team in Harrowing Battle of Man vs. Machine

On the afternoon of Halloween, three talented HBS students competed against IBM’s Watson supercomputer in the great American game of Jeopardy! cartier santos 100 replica.  The competition conjured the collegiate spirit of a homecoming football game.  Students and faculty, some dressed in the colors of their home team, packed into Burden Auditorium to watch the…

On Campus

Save the Spangler Post Office

When your section-mate, a Marine Reservist, has just been deployed to Afghanistan, and your section has banded together to send him a care package www.replicaforbest.co.uk, how you can possibly make it to the post office on the other side of the river during operating hours despite your full class schedule should be the furthest thought…


What the Heck is a Chief Innovation Officer?

A few months ago, Josh Yang sold his furniture and turned in his SFP lease. After landing a summer internship at a San Francisco-based mobile apps startup called Pulse, Yang was convinced that he would defer his second year of business school to continue on full time. However, just before starting at Pulse in June,…


Faculty Soccer Team 1 – EC Men’s Soccer Team 0

Last Monday, Harvard’s Ohiri Field was host to the HBS Faculty-EC student soccer classic.  Looking to build on a quarterfinal finish in last fall’s Yale cup and a second place finish in group play in the Texas MBA Soccer Tournament last winter, the HBS EC Soccer team entered this fall with high expectations for the…


Married at HBS

There are a lot of misconceptions about married people at HBS. I know this because, as a married person, I often feel judged. I also know this because, as a person who was single in the past, I still judge married people. What follows is an attempted de-bunking of five common myths about married’s. 1)     …


We Said, They Said

“We Said, They Said” is a monthly feature in which Harvard and Wharton MBA students take opposing positions on a topic relevant to both schools. The views expressed are those of the writers only and are not meant to reflect the general views of either student body. The case method of classroom instruction is favored…

Eric Ries and The Lean Startup

Eric Ries and The Lean Startup

  On Wednesday, September 21, Eric Ries, an HBS entrepreneur-in-residence and author of the just-released book THE LEAN STARTUP, spoke at HBS and told would-be entrepreneurs to think fast. The author of the popular Startup Lessons Learned blog and co-founder of IMVU preaches the benefits of speed. How important is moving quickly, according to Ries? …


Venture Corner: Taking the Leap

What is your business?  CIMLS.com is an open commercial real estate listings service – essentially a huge database of commercial properties for sale and for lease.  Most real estate deals are done through in person contacts www.replicaforbest.co.uk.  By creating an online marketplace where all interested parties can search and list properties for free, we help…


The HBS Global Impact Experience (GIX)

You’ve seen the emails, heard from your classmates and maybe from prior participants about the Global Impact Experience (GIX) at HBS. The Harbus sat down with Co-Presidents Anthony Muljadi, Chuma Ajene, and Seif Khoufi to learn more about the GIX and why students should consider this as an integral part of the HBS experience //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html….


Harbus or Harbus?

With two organizations on campus bearing the name “Harbus,” a little disambiguation may be in order as the new academic year gets underway.  Both the student newspaper and the student-run philanthropic foundation are called “Harbus.”   Here’s a little more information about each organization and what you can do to get involved in one or both:…


Japan, Six Months Later

Six months have passed since the earthquake struck the eastern seaboard of Japan. As the immediate effects of the quake subsided in Northeastern Japan, the aftereffects of the radiation from the Fukushima Number One Nuclear Reactor settled in. During the immediate days and weeks following the quake, people’s sympathies focused heavily on the tsunami victims….


A Party Like It’s 2012

In last week’s “A Party Like It’s 1964 – Is history repeating itself?” my friend Jeremy Haber (OG) argued that the trajectory of the Republican replica watches Party’s 2012 presidential nominee could end up looking a lot like Barry Goldwater’s path to defeat in 1964. If he thinks this is so, then why the worry…

Entrepreneurship, Features

Venture Corner: Take the Interview

Take the Interview offers a cloud-based video interviewing Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for employers and candidates. We are a filter between the resume review and the in-person interview and facilitate asynchronous (not-live), under-5-minute video interviews that employers can review anytime, anywhere. We deliver an efficient solution to screen and select the right candidate…


The Startup Life: Narragansett and Other Ventures

What company were you working at? I worked for a Boston entrepreneur, Eric Spitz, supporting numerous projects: 1)      Raising 500k for a social media startup. 2)     Raising 5MM to spin out a services company in the renewable energy space. 3)     Private purchase of a New England media company. 4)      Sales strategy for Narragansett Brewing Co….


My Summer at Innosight

What company were you working at? This summer, I worked at Innosight, LLC, an innovation strategy consulting firm co-founded by HBS Professor Clayton Christensen and located in nearby Watertown, MA.  Innosight was founded ten years ago to take Professor Christensen’s theories on disruptive innovation to the market and help companies learn to seize disruptive opportunities….

On Campus

Startup Tribe Welcomes Class of 2013

Not interested in working at Goldman?  Less than thrilled at logging miles with McKinsey?  If you came to HBS because you’re committed to developing the skills and network to build a startup company, you’re not alone.  Join the Startup Tribe. Do you view these 2 years as a chance to run as fast as possible…


Venture Corner: Sceneopolis

What is your business? Sceneopolis is a subscription service that helps you experience your city’s world-class arts and culture scene and revolutionize what it means to have a night out. We’re partnering with the best arts and culture organizations, restaurants, and bars to provide our subscribers with unique and curated social experiences that incorporate amazing…


A Party Like It’s 1964

“American politics has often been an arena for angry minds. In recent years we have seen angry minds at work mainly among extreme right-wingers, who have now demonstrated…how much political leverage can be got out of the animosities and passions of a small minority.” Richard Hofstadter’s words accurately describe the current state of American politics…


What Would You Do with Your One Precious Life?

Ed. Note:  Nkiru Amene (HBS Class of 2013) was killed in a car accident this summer while traveling in Nigeria.  In her short but precious life replica watches uk, Nkiru exemplified the ideal characteristics of an HBS student—a passion for leading and motivating others to make a positive impact in society. It is the hope…


Harbus Mixtape: September 2011 Concert Series

  Ah, September. With the end of summer comes the beginning of school, with the beginning of school comes the flood of students, and with the flood of students comes the throng of bands hoping to capture the ticket, t-shirt, and ‘Gansett revenues that a trip to Beantown promises. A number of fantastic artists are…


Venture Corner: Starting Something DISTINC.TT

What is your business? DISTINC.TT presents its members with the people, venues, and activities in their immediate vicinity and provides the framework to turn virtual connections into real life interactions. The concept is deceptively simple: connect online, meet in person.  Using GPS and an advanced recommendation engine, DISTINC.TT entices members to be spontaneous—to get out…

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