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Superbowl?! Surely You Can’t Get More Than a Strike!!

Well, wasn’t that all low key? If there’s one thing you guys do well it’s restraint and modesty at sporting events. I particularly like how you don’t have giant jets of flame shooting 50 feet into the sky as the teams come onto the field through smoke and paper and god knows what. Oh and…

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Cold Call with Stefan Vitorovic (NE)

Things are off to a good start as Cold Call heads to Harvard Square’s Tasty Burger to sit down with Stefan Vitorovic. DC: Stefan, what are you eating? SV: I’m eating a bacon turkey burger with guacamole, a shout out to Cali. Avocados aren’t nearly as good in New England as in California. DC: Why?…

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Cold Call with Bryan Mezue (OI)

KL: First things first.  Where are you from? BM: I was born in a middle-sized South-East Nigerian city of Enugu, and spent my first 11 years of life there. After that I’ve moved around a lot with family and then later with my job. I’ve lived for significant portions of my life in Doha, London, Beijing, and now Boston….

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What’s Black & White & Re(a)d All Over?

The countdown has begun for The Harbus‘ inaugural Black & White & Re(a)d All Over event at CURE Nightclub on February 13th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the event will be an opportunity to support campus media, dance the night away, and, probably, find true love. The event will also host the 2013 Most…


Play ‘Fairytale of New York’! Christmas is back!

It’s back. It is. It’s unbelievable isn’t it? As soon as the tree comes down, the wreath’s off the door, the world warms up a bit in the Spring and BOOM, it hits you right in the mush. No, not a new hockey season (what is up with that, by the way?), but Christmas. Or…


The Wrong Kind of Flakes: Tardiness at HBS

There’s a creeping problem at HBS. It’s ugly. It’s annoying. It’s viral. It’s flakiness. We’ve all seen it. The friend who rolls up to a meeting 10 minutes late, coffee in hand. The sectionmate who shoots out a text just before an event saying “Can’t make it anymore”. Or the club member who doesn’t show…


Offset Your FIELD 2 Carbon Footprint: Plant a Tree in the HBS Forest

In an effort to minimize the environmental footprint associated with travel during the FIELD 2 Global Immersion, the MBA Program has purchased 1,667 trees in the Chilean Patagonia forest. These trees will sequester 834 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), or roughly 16% of the carbon emissions associated with travel during January. MBA students now have…

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BuildAFlock Launches at HBS to Help Students Spread Their Wings

We’ve all heard of tweeting, but it’s time for HBS students to start flocking. BuildAFlock, a real-world social networking start-up co-founded by Cy Khormaee (OI), Deborah Hsieh (OI), and Shlomi Dinoor (UMass MBA), officially launched on November 29 as a private beta for the HBS community. BuildAFlock is an online platform that takes the administrative…

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Ask The Harbuster

Life at HBS, like Lindsay Lohan in 2004 or 2012, can be difficult, volatile and totally uninsurable. But, unlike Lindsay Lohan then and now, life at HBS is something we at The Harbus can help you with. Are you anxious about academics, confused about campus, skeptical about socializing, or adamant about alliteration? Our resident Harbuster,…

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Giving Voice to Values

What’s all this talk about vulnerability and openness? Aren’t we supposed to be tough HBS students who know exactly what we’re doing with our lives? As ECs and RCs alike know, the school is making a concerted effort, through LEAD, FIELD, and other means, to remind its charges that self-reflection and interdependence are good things….


Cold Call with Morgan Kruger (OH) & Chris Schipper (OA)

For this week’s Cold Call, Diane Chang sat down with Entertainment & Media Club Presidents Morgan Kruger (OH) and Chris Schipper (OA) to discuss dream jobs in entertainment, meta zombie movies, and KStew/RPatz dramz. D: Let’s get started with the basics. Give me the background on where you’re from, what you’re interested in… Morgan: My…

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Ask the Harbuster

Life at HBS, like Gary Busey in 1991, can be difficult, volatile and totally uninsurable. But, unlike Gary Busey in 1991, life at HBS is something we at The Harbus can help you with. Are you anxious about academics, confused about campus, skeptical about socializing, or adamant about alliteration? Our resident Harbuster, Daniel Selikowitz (NC),…

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From FIELD 3 Concept to Kickstarter Campaign

Most of us have iPads, but most of us don’t  have kids. That’s what I shared with Phyl Georgiou, the co-founder of Tiggly, who explained why I, and any adult that knows a toddler, could find Tiggly’s iPad toddler-toy useful. We all know a two-year old, right? In my case, I know plenty, so I…

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Keep it Moving: Fitness Tips from Shad

With vacations, weekend trips, case studies to read, meetings to attend, sick days, and social obligations, being a student at HBS does not lend itself to consistency or routine. More often than not, the rigors of student life get in the way of the habits leading to a healthy lifestyle. Some get overwhelmed by the…


Presidential Election 2012: Indian Perspective

Back in India, my peers and I would religiously wake up at 6:00 am during each US election cycle to watch the presidential and vice-presidential debates live on CNN. For long, the US has been a shining beacon of what a successful democracy could do for its populace and the model which people around the world…

On Campus

Harbus Survey: 65% of HBS Students Choose Obama, 32% Romney

Surveys completed by 668 members of the HBS student body last week revealed that President Barack Obama had the support of 65% of the student community. Challenger Mitt Romney captured 32% of the vote while the remainder said they supported a third-party candidate, were unsure, or did not plan to vote. Students completed two different…


Harbus Offers Costume Tips for Halloween Procrastinators

The big SA Halloween party is fast approaching, and between classes, Shad sessions and weekend travel, it’s been difficult to get your October 31 act together. We get it. Here are four quick and easy costumes you can pull off, with a little help from our good friend Amazon Prime. 1. Unemployed Big Bird Debate fodder this year has…


Cold Call with Claire Friedman (NE)

Cold calls. Your professors love them. You fear them. Your ed rep crushes them. We think it’s about time that this HBS staple gets the rebranding it deserves. Each week, The Harbus chats with a randomly selected member of the student body. This week, Diane Chang caught up with Claire Freidman (NE) about her life as stand-up…


Muslims Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’

Today, Muslims at HBS and around the world will celebrate the festival of ‘Eid-ul-Adha’. The Arabic word ‘Eid’ means festival or feast, while the word ‘Adha’ translates to sacrifice. Consequently, ‘Eid-ul-Adha’ is also known as the ‘festival of sacrifice’. Eid-ul-Adha is one of the two major holy days in Islam. It is observed after ‘Hajj’,…

On Campus

Oh Priscilla, Priscilla: A Reconsideration of Priscilla Ball

In front of 90 people, I described a time at work when I disagreed strongly about something, yet did not speak up. In true case-method fashion, my LEAD professor pressed, “why didn’t you speak up?” I feared marginalization. I still fear marginalization. But I have a greater fear. A thought experiment: it’s the annual meeting…


2012 Presidential Election: Chinese Perspective

As an international student from China, this is the first time I have watched a US presidential election campaign live as it unfolds. The election is interesting to many Harvard students as a competition between two Harvard alumni: Barack Obama (HLS) and Mitt Romney (HLS/HBS). As a foreign student, I’m observing the US presidential election…


Harbus Staff Works with Current Students to Publish Interview Guide

The Harbus staff recently published an updated version of the Unofficial HBS Interview Guide, expanding the perennial offering to incorporate new findings from the Class of 2014 .  The 45-page booklet, written for applicants looking for insights specific to Harbus Business School’s unique interview process, features real interview questions and answer analysis from last year’s successful applicants…

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Confessions of an RC

I’ve finally started this nutty experience known as RC year and thus far I’ve laughed, cried, drank far too many cocktails, worn too many themed outfits, and smiled more than I have in a long time. I’ve had highs, lows, and everything in between. And we’re one month in – yep, one month. If my…


Focus on Religion: HBS Christian Fellowship

The Christian Fellowship aspires to cultivate an accessible, relevant and nourishing Christ-centered community within HBS that equips leaders to follow Jesus in the business world. We aim to learn from and emulate Christ as the ultimate servant-leader and enabler of positive transformation in our careers and personal lives. We seek to accomplish these goals through…


Focus on Religion: HBS Jewish Students Association

The Jewish Students Association (JSA) has historically played a dual role on campus, both as the lead organizer of much of the Jewish religious activity and cultural events on the HBS campus. This year, we are expanding our mandate even further to encourage Jewish communities across Boston campuses to engage and interact. The leadership of…


Focus on Religion: Latter-Day Saint Student Association

Chances are you may have met a member of the Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA, also known as the Mormons) on campus. If you haven’t yet, just track down someone pushing a stroller with children and you will be right 50% of the time. If that doesn’t work, look for the guy drinking lemonade at…

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Dean Nohria Reflects on 50 Years of Women at HBS

Today, Dr. Debora Spar, President of Barnard College and a Goldman Sachs board member, will kick off a yearlong speaker series exploring the future of women in business. In conjunction with the Women’s Student Association (WSA), HBS will host a number of events this year to commemorate the 50th year of women at HBS. As…

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HBS to Celebrate National Coming Out Day

This Thursday, October 11, people all over the world will celebrate National Coming Out Day. Since its inception following the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in October 1987, National Coming Out Day (NCOD) has become an important tradition for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and its straight supporters around…

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