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Meet the Joint Committee on Diversity

The Joint Committee on Diversity was founded in 2005 and is composed of 6 students and 3 HBS administrators who collaborate to create and implement diversity initiatives at HBS. This academic year they undertook 5 such initiatives. They are currently recruiting new members. HBS is the most diverse community most of us have ever belonged…


HBS Soccer Club Strong Showing In Austin

“As Co-Captain, I would actually like to tip my hat to the Co-Captains of the Club for our fine leadership in Austin.” The HBS Soccer Club looked to continue its successful run from last fall into the spring this past month as it journeyed to Austin, TX for the annual Texas MBA Soccer Classic, the…


IM Soccer League Update

IM Soccer League Heating Up As the IM soccer league begins to heat up, a number of teams remain in early contention. Here is a mid-season look at a few sections who are already planning for playoff glory: Old E (defending champions) How do you top an undefeated RC season, culminated by a 5-3 victory…



Last week while walking through Aldrich, I overheard two RCs talking: “That dating guy, you know the one who writes those funny columns?” said the first RC. “Um, ya, the Kwama Sutra,” responded her friend. “Right. He’s extremely cute, and I hear he’s charming and charismatic, but he writes about being rejected all the time….


Marathon Training Week 2

Week 2: Zack’s chronicle of his training and transformation as he prepares for the 2011 Boston Marathon. Saturday, February 19th.  The weather had been warm for the last couple of days so I ventured a nice long outdoor run. According to the beginners Marathon training schedule, I should be up to about 12 miles with…

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10 Easy Ways to be More Frugal at HBS

At first glance, it may seem as though frugality and HBS are incompatible. After all, HBS students pay significant amounts of money for tuition, housing, and lavish travels. Yet frugality goes beyond the definition of penny-pinching. It is a philosophy by which people acquire and use their resources wisely to achieve their long term goals….


Summer Profiles

ECs share their perspectives on internships, locations and industries With Hell Week still fresh on your mind and interview season now in full swing, we at The Harbus know you’ve got many big decisions ahead of you and wish to provide some firsthand insight from those who came before you. Whether you’re hoping to try…


The Unofficial Guide to Valentine’s Day at HBS

Yes, you are reading Kwama Sutra on the front page of the Harbus.  No, I am not announcing that I am in a relationship, as that is still a work in progress (kind of like the Big Dig in Boston during the 90s).  Yes, it is Valentine’s Day and the powers that be (Lavayna) have…


Real Partners – Chocolate Brunch and Other Sweet Ideas For Your Sweetie

Chocolate is a staple for partners. For the last two years in January, the Partners Club has indulged in the decadent chocolate feast at the Chocolate Bar in the Café Fleuri Restaurant at the Langham Hotel. This all-you-can-enjoy buffet takes place every Saturday afternoon and features an array of scrumptious chocolate desserts, including the legendary…


The Turkish Republic

It is cliché to call Turkey a bridge between continents and cultures; yet, there is no other phrase truly summarizes Turkey’s identity. Turkey is a large peninsula located at the junction of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its land in western Asia is called Anatolia and its land in southeast Europe is called Thrace. Turkey’s neighbors…


One City that will NEVER be the Same

Before buckling down for exams this past fall, HBS Rugby team headed south, way south to Austin, Texas for the University of Texas Fall Brawl. The team that has wowed crowds all over new England and come to be known as the “da baddest show on turf” was chomping at the bit for a chance…



“So you’re telling me you could be attracted to me, but because we are friends, not be romantically interested in me?” I said, with a mix of frustration and intrigue. “This is about as logical as investing in a subprime mortgage loan,” I continued, using a surprisingly apropos financial markets analogy, given my lack of…


Recycle Almost Everything

But wait, it’s not a melting pot! “Should that go in the trash or recycling?” This is probably a question you ask yourself many times a day. While most of us understand the importance of recycling, it can sometimes get a little confusing in practice. HBS offers SingleStream recycling which means that all recyclables (plastic,…


The Haiti IXP

In addition to the consulting work that we did, the team had several cultural and professional opportunities, which made for an exciting and inspiring trip. Student leader, Kathleen Hebert (OI), kept a blog at //ixphaiti.wordpress.com, from which the following is summarized. The Environment We arrive in Port-au-Prince and are immediately overwhelmed by our surroundings. It…


NG and OI go to the break with the lead in the Race for the Cup

Cup still anyone’s game with over 10,000 points still at stake throughout the Winter Semester! RC Standings 1.            NG         780 2.            NA          420 3.            NB          370 4.            NE          360 5.            NJ           300 6.            ND          210 7.            NC          160 8.            NF          160 9.            NI           120 10.          NH         0 EC Standings 1.            OI           640 2.            OB          530…


How to Know if He’s into You

Like, all great writers I had an epiphany when I went to Africa.  My trip, while absolutely amazing, gave me insight into a problem plaguing men at HBS.  Sometimes we’re hard to read. Yes, men – HBS men – HBS men in their EC year – are hard to read. Beneath the JCrew button down…


Reshaping Business Education at HBS

We are thrilled to publish a discussion we had with Dean Nitin Nohria and Professor Youngme Moon regarding upcoming changes in the HBS MBA curriculum. The Highlights On Wednesday, January 19th the HBS faculty voted on replica watches uk, and passed with enthusiasm, two motions that will affect the MBA curriculum beginning next Fall. 1.      …


IXP – The Good, The Bad & The ‘Lank

The HBS Outdoors Club made its first ever trek to Sri Lanka this J-term, and 22 lucky members enjoyed the stunning landscape and friendly people over eleven days of adventure. From testing their TOM skills with a nerdy visit to the Pedro Estate Tea Factory, to viewing Avatar-esque countryside in Dickoya and spectacular cliffs from…


HBS Rock Band in Hostile Takeover

“Last weekend saw the official debut of the biggest and baddest rock band to come out of HBS – Hostile Takeover. The band played a 2-hour gig at a sold-out Tommy Doyle’s, and covered a range of songs from artists such as The Killers, Bruce Springsteen and Guns N’ Roses. The view from the audience…


Food for Thought – A Stellar Dining Experience at Stella

Restaurant Review “On November 5th, a group of RCs ventured into the South End to experience First Friday, a monthly event featuring the galleries of various artists in the area. As I stared at the matted blue square hanging on the wall of a gallery in 450 Harrison Ave., I felt a sudden series of…


What the Funk is in My Beer?

On November 5th, 500 beer connoisseurs flocked to Boston’s South End for “”The Night of the Funk,”” produced by Beer Advocate and sponsored by Allagash. In good spirits and sporting an impressive quantity and variety of facial hair, attendees were afforded the opportunity to sample some of the most unique-tasting beers from around the world….



By Luke Owings (OJ) and Freddy Flaxman (NE) SA Weekly With the weather acting up and marketing midterms to be done, the flag football season saw itself extended by a week.ÿWith the schedule meant to finish up last week, an unfortunate storm forced the push back of the school championship to Monday, November 15th at…


Real Partners of HBS – From Military Life to Business School

“Army Wives”, the highest-rated drama series in Lifetime’s history, follows the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of wives living with their spouses and families on an active Army post. They face deployments, abuse, hostage situations, adultery, and post traumatic stress disorder, just for starters. While the series is busy depicting the lives…


SA Yearbook Photo Contest Winners

First Place: True NorthThis photo has been titled True North, as it captures the full glory of the sun shining behind the Baker Library just prior to noon, casting a shadow which starts from the Baker lawn and leads, True North, to the Baker library. As the Baker library is an integral part of the…


Inside the Senate

What is the Student Services Committee?The Student Services Committee works to improve the quality of campus life with respect to health care, food service, campus security, recycling efforts, on-campus dry cleaning, and Shad. It is one of 10 committees within the SA, and meets once or twice a month. The Committee consists of 5-8 section…


Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being President?

On Oct. 10, the Class of 2003 will elect section officers. Read on to learn about the elections process, what positions are open, and how to run for them. And remember, these are not the last elections in your HBS career —Student Association leaders and club officers will be elected in the spring. HOW TO…


Now Hear This! SA Adds VPs of Communications

The SA is working hard to make sure that your student issues are heard, voiced, dealt with, and communicated. But you might be asking-what issues are these, exactly? The Student Association is undertaking so many initiatives that it can be hard to keep track of them all, especially in light of classes, clubs, recruiting, and…

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