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HBS to Celebrate National Coming Out Day

This Thursday, October 11, people all over the world will celebrate National Coming Out Day. Since its inception following the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights in October 1987, National Coming Out Day (NCOD) has become an important tradition for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and its straight supporters around…


Focus on Religion: HBS Catholic Student Association

The mission of the Catholic Student Association is to provide a support community for members of the Catholic Faith to practice and explore their beliefs. Our goal is to create a church for members of the HBS community while they are away from home or in transition to a new home. In addition to providing…


National Coming Out Day Term Sheet

A quick cheat sheet of terms you may hear in the buildup to National Coming Out Day: Lesbian (L): Describes women who are primarily attracted to women Gay (G): Describes men who are primarily attracted to men, although can also be used as a general term for homosexuals of any gender Bisexual (B): People of…


Outside the Bubble: Westport, CT

So you’ve decided to make the pilgrimage to Westport, CT. And why not? At 159 miles away, it’s just a stone’s throw from HBS. And, oh, the things you will see! Brimming with ye olde New England charm here and a thriving culinary www.replicaforbest.co.uk and artistic community there, Westport has a little something for everyone….

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Treasury Undersecretary Explains Transition to Public Service

Last Monday, Mary John Miller, the U.S. Treasury’s Undersecretary for Domestic Finance, spoke at HBS about her role in the Treasury Department and her transition from the private sector to public service. According to Miller, providing an “opportunity for investors to have a voice in the outcomes [of regulatory policy decisions]” caused her to jump…

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RC Survival Guide

Greetings, RCs! Welcome to Harvard Business College School! Here is a helpful guide to surviving your first few weeks on campus, as contributed by some successful ECs that we have recruited to re-educate inform you! CLASSES, by Steven Stressful www.replicabestsale.co.uk I cannot impress upon you enough how important it is to read every single case…

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RCs Bid on Slap-Bets & Swiss Castles, Raise $287,000 for Charity

RC students at Harvard Business School opened their hearts and wallets in recent weeks, raising approximately $287,000 in charity auctions held in each of the first-year class’s 10 sections. Following the auctions, charitable donations will be made to support various student-championed causes, including aid to wounded war veterans, the fight against terminal illnesses like cancer…


School Year In Review: A Look Back on The Top Club Hits

1)     “LE7ELS” by Avicii Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling. I get a feeling that Avicii’s monster hit, “LE7ELS”, is absolutely the club song of the year. It’s been sampled, mashed up, recut and replayed with several major artists ranging from David Guetta to Flo Rida. LE7ELS even appeared in the Bud Light Platinum…

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Opinion: HBS Show Co-President Evaluates Sanction Process

I believe in the HBS Community Values. We should respect each other’s rights, act honestly and with integrity, and take accountability for our personal behavior. Recently, I have become painfully aware of how our community upholds its values cartier santos 100 replica — by means of an opaque process that feels neither fair to the…

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Why Harvard Grad School Housing Should Be Smoke Free

In September, my wife and I came home from the hospital with a beautiful baby boy. We were excited, we were happy, and we were exhausted.  But then, we started smelling cigarette smoke in our apartment, and we were shocked. It was seeping through our walls, ceilings, and floors, with an acrid odor strong enough…


An Open Letter to Dean Nohria and Faculty, Staff, and Students

Dear Dean Nohria, I have learned much at HBS from the Professors who make this institution truly great.  I am disheartened, based on the treatment of the HBS Show Presidents, that HBS as an institution does not follow these same principles. Professor Rebecca Henderson, in Leadership and Corporate Accountability, taught us that often the ends…


myTake on Resilience: Taking Action After Loss

On the 17th of January, 2009, I was in Brazil working on a project for the Harvard School of Public Health. It was a Saturday morning and my team had piled into the computer lab to meet our deadlines for the next week.  I absentmindedly turned on Facebook. It took me about 5 minutes to…

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Cold Call Interview Series: Charlotte Taylor (NI)

Cold calls. Your professors love them. You fear them. Your ed rep crushes them. We think it’s about time that this HBS staple gets the rebranding it deserves. Each week, The Harbus will chat with a randomly-selected member of the student body. This week, Katie Peek sat down with Charlotte Taylor (NI) to talk about growing up global, who would win in a smart-fight between Tim Geithner and Barack Obama, and the best damn granola you’ve ever had.

On Campus

Crimson Kids: Kid Tested, Mother Approved

In early September I attended the first Crimson Kids meeting, which is a club for HBS children, and started to realize there was more to to the partner role on campus. At the Crimson Kids kick-off meeting, a group of energetic parents welcomed me and several other new families and began explaining the many activities and enriching opportunities that would be available for children and parents throughout the year.


The Entrepreneurship Curriculum at HBS: A Student’s Guide

That was the end of my tiny spark of entrepreneurship in 2008. Four years and 550k miles traveled later, travel booking is still at the top of my mind. This time, however, I’m actually building a company. What has changed? Surely spending the last two years in a HBS classroom only weakened my connection to “normal travelers.”

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Street Style at HBS

Tyra Banks may have been the most well-known, fashionable student to grace our campus in recent years; yet, every day many of her lesser-known classmates express their diverse fashion styles while strutting the runways of Spangler and Aldrich. Here are just a few of HBS’s own fashionistas. Lynn Yu, NG (pictured in See by Chloe…

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The Newport Ball Gown Guide: 5 Trends to Try

The ever-changing Boston weather may be making it difficult to figure out what to wear to class every day, but the trends coming off the red carpet this year are crystal clear. As the frenzy builds to find that perfect dress for Newport Ball, The Harbus is here to simplify your search.

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse: A Preview of the 2012 HBS Show

There are the perennial features you can expect from the HBS Show, the musical that is completely run by students and remains one of HBS’s older traditions: An impressive showcase of  student body talent, from acting, singing, and dancing, to set and costume design, to writing and choreographing; an accurate representation of how the average…


Meet the Presidents

The Harbus recently sat down with the newly elected HBS Student Association leaders, Laura Merritt and Kunal Modi.  Laura and Kunal gave us the scoop on their friendship, the decision to campaign replica breitling bentley 6.75, and plans for next year. The Proposal Harbus: It seems like you two are BFF’s.  Tell me about your…

On Campus

Meditation May Be the Key to Business Leadership

What do Steve Jobs, Ray Dalio, Bill George, Marc Beinoff and Phil Jackson have in common? They are visionaries, have been known to lead and inspire teams www.replicabestsale.co.uk, and have achieved significant success in their professional lives. They have one more thing in common – meditation. Could their focus on contemplative practices have something to…

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