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#OverheardOnWestrek – Tactical tips on how to break into start-ups, big tech and VC
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#OverheardOnWestrek – Tactical tips on how to break into start-ups, big tech and VC

By Jennifer Hurford, Harvard Business School Class of 2017 Secretly thankful you didn’t get any of those consulting/banking jobs you felt FOMOed into interviewing for? Here are some tips for getting a job in tech and VC brought to you straight from the mouths of HBS SF alums in big tech, start-ups, clean tech, and VC….

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My Start-Up Summer

Pupillary distance, eye exam room dimensions, street-level city permitting regulations & fees, and legal contracts — this is only a small sampling of the many new topics I learned about this summer during my internship at Warby Parker. For quick context, I spent my 12 weeks at Warby focusing on two big marketing initiatives. The…


Explore Local Destinations with Weecation.com

Do you find yourself stuck in the same routine during weekends? Do you wish there were more to life than laundry and walking across the bridge? You might not get the time to fly to London, but you feel it would be refreshing to explore someplace new, quaint and potentially “New England” with your friends…


Letter to the Editor – Response to Kwame Spearman’s Article

We write to respond to Kwame Spearman’s recent critique of DateHarvardSQ (www.dateharvardsq.com), which admonished us for not launching our website with functionality for Harvard women and the LGBT community. Unfortunately, Kwame’s analysis was regrettably uninformed. The success of DateHarvardSQ has always been and will always be about one thing – connecting all people in search…


Start Something!

Purple peanut butter. sold in a toothpaste tube. Believe me, kids will eat it up. Literally! Hmmm, I sense your apprehension. Not a buyer? No worries, I’ve got more. We all have great ideas (at least our moms think so), but often times these are ephemeral thoughts we might haphazardly jot down or make mental…


Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–DJ DiDonna (OE)

I spent the summer on two coasts: the east coast of Africa (Kenya) and the west coast in the U.S. (Los Angeles). An HBS Community Impact Fund grant allowed me to travel to Nairobi in May to continue my work performed with the Volunteer Consulting Organization (VCO) during the school year. While in Nairobi, I…


Finish HBS or Launch a Business?

Given HBS’s strong culture of entrepreneurship and the current market environment, many first-year students are facing the decision around leaving to launch a business. Below are thoughts and reflections from two recent HBS students who left after their RC year to launch consumer-internet startups. Jeremy Stoppelman (HBS ’05), CEO/Co-Founder of Yelp replica watches What did…


Entrepreneur Profiles–Shelby Clark

What is the name of your company:The jury is still out on the name. I worked at a very successful startup before HBS called Kiva.org, and the President has advised me that we want a short, meaningless word as our company name. This didn’t make much sense to me at first, as I thought the…


Summer Stories – Raj Ramachandran, Discovering What You Don't Want

This article is about my summer experience with a cloud computing startup in Silicon Valley and what I learned about the industry, the geography, and my own interests. When I first met with my career coach, he asked me the ever-present question on the collective RC conscience- “What do you want to do?” After mentioning…


Students Hear What It Takes to Run a Startup

Last Thursday, over 50 entrepreneurially-minded HBS students gathered to hear what it really takes to run a startup. Our featured guest, Doug Levin, serves as President of Black Duck Software, the leader in software compliance management solutions. Having founded the company over five years ago, Levin has grown Black Duck from an idea into a…


Website Launches to Support Student Entrepreneurship

StudentBusinesses.com – an online resource dedicated to an elite group of student entrepreneurs – is launching this week on the Harvard Business School campus. The website initiated its launch in Boston at the end of September, starting with the Harvard College campus and expanding to other campuses across the area. Although the student entrepreneurship space…


Shai Agassi: At 37, SAP AG's High Flier Is a Lesson in Rising to the Top

On Wednesday, September 28, Shai Agassi, president of the product and technology group and executive board member of SAP AG, shared advice and insight with students at a TechMedia Club event. He discussed trends in enterprise software and cautioned against following current trends. “Understand the long-term trends,” Agassi said. “What you see in today’s perspective…


A Look At:

You don’t need the Harbus to tell you that options for gainful employment are bleak this summer, but we’re assholes so thought we’d mention it anyway. Thankfully, we’re a bit more constructive than the folks over at Career Services, who so thoughtfully included this reminder at the end of their recent poll: “POLL INCOMPLETE. YOU…


Summer Internship Options: The Lebor Family Fellowship

For all those RC students debating internship options, there is a great opportunity to work for an early stage startup this summer, and to supplement your salary with a grant from the Lebor Fellowship, administered by MBA Career Services. The Fellowship was established by Mr. John Lebor (MBA 1930) to encourage HBS students to pursue…


Economics-The Missing Lesson?

Last week one of my finance classes was assigned a case on a startup that received the majority of its funding through a government grant. The grant this company received was part of a program designed to fund high-risk technologies that were predicted to have spillover benefits or “positive externalities that accrued to others besides…

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