Spring Break at Sea

New C Takes 1st Annual HBS Sailing Cup Sun, fun, and relaxation in foreign lands: necessary but not sufficient components of an epic spring break for 19 mariners from HBS.  For these hardy souls, the week would not be complete without braving the unforgiving sea, the relentless discipline of an Ahab-like instructor, and several multiple… Continue reading Spring Break at Sea

Emerging from the Bubble

Over the last two weeks, ECs have had the opportunity to hear post-grad advice from popular HBS professors Clay Christensen, Michael Porter and Youngme Moon through the “Best of EC Year Speaker Series.” (There is one talk left from David Moss on Thursday, April 15 at 4 p.m. in the Spangler Auditorium, so don’t miss… Continue reading Emerging from the Bubble

An Investigative Report

It is spring and the Harvard Business School is bustling with activity. Like eager fox sparrows returning from winter migration, HBS students, reinvigorated by Spring Break and the warmer weather, are also back on campus to face new challenges. ECs, in the homestretch, are racing through their final weeks of study and contemplating life after… Continue reading An Investigative Report

In the Field

Waking up at 5 a.m. to the sound of woodpeckers, heaving through dirt and jungle in 90-degree heat, seeing the desolate poverty of a hungry child with nothing to wear but a torn rag, and sleeping under a starry blanket (so many stars!) while a gecko stirs next to your ear is not the idea… Continue reading In the Field

Fantastic Opportunity – Ad Manager Position

Job DescriptionThe Harbus News Corporation is seeking an outgoing, driven, organized individual to handle the advertising accounts for The Harbus, the weekly Harvard Business School campus newspaper. This position requires maintaining relationships with recruiters, growing new relationships with local, national, and campus advertisers, selling ad space in weekly and special issues, working with the newspaper… Continue reading Fantastic Opportunity – Ad Manager Position

In Praise of Chivalry

chivalry noun1. qualities of ideal knight: the combination of qualities expected of the ideal medieval knight, especially courage, honor, loyalty, and consideration for others, especially women2. chivalrous behavior: considerate and courteous behavior, especially shown by a man toward women Chivalry occasionally gets a bad press, both from women arguing from a feminist viewpoint and from… Continue reading In Praise of Chivalry

London Calling: Blades Take Ivey Tournament

Every March, the HBS community looks forward to the annual treats the final month of winter has to offer: the NCAA Final Four, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, and of course, the Richard Ivey School of Business hockey tournament. As predicted, this year’s tournament resulted in yet another championship for your HBS Blades. Honestly, it’s… Continue reading London Calling: Blades Take Ivey Tournament

2006 Intramural Basketball Madness has an Exciting End

After an extremely competitive regular season and playoffs, the HBS Intramural Basketball Season Championships were held last week. The season began in January and saw over 340 total games played. HBS competitors battled it out on the hard courts of Shad for the right to be called “HBS Champions.” The players took this season very… Continue reading 2006 Intramural Basketball Madness has an Exciting End

VIVA Mexico!

A fiesta-filled tour blending urban chic with rich, folkloric culture demonstrated that HBS cases are, on occasion, like a good margarita – best absorbed with a few grains of salt. Case after case on Latin American crises, financial mismanagement and controversial populist regimes can provide a dim view of such countries as Mexico. But the… Continue reading VIVA Mexico!

HBS Spring Break 2005: Chronicles of Chaos!

Last week proved once again just how crazy HBS Spring Breakers could get without adult supervision and outside Cambridge jurisdiction. But while a many of your classmates will tell you stories about how exciting and exotic their adventures were in China, Morocco, Colombia, Brazil or on the Love Boat, don’t let them fool you –… Continue reading HBS Spring Break 2005: Chronicles of Chaos!

Spring Break Adventures: Sailing the British Virgin Islands

Asked to describe what comes to mind when talking about spring break, most would think back to their college days. Cancun and Senor Frogs, Girls Gone Wild Acapulco. No doubt, many of the 25+ RCs who landed in the Caribbean had visions of college glory days dancing in their head. In reality, though, it was… Continue reading Spring Break Adventures: Sailing the British Virgin Islands

Baseball Report: Spring Training in Florida

This year February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, but also the day Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training in Florida and Arizona. That’s the day that every baseball fan longs for through the long, cold winter without baseball. The past few years I have been making the trek down to Tampa, Florida to… Continue reading Baseball Report: Spring Training in Florida

To RC, Love EC

It is very cold outside. And I know that you recently spent a whole week getting grilled in case interviews, struggling around campus in a suit and carrying the obligatory leather binder. So, I have something to tell you. No one told me this last year…but I think that you deserve to hear it. Next… Continue reading To RC, Love EC

Golf is to Business as Ham is to Eggs

For the non-golfers out there, “ham-and-egging” is a term used to describe when golf players complement each other well. As in, “That Cher and Sonny – they really ham-and-egg”, or “Brian and Luis, they so ham-and-egged that they took all of Julian’s and Kevin’s money this weekend.” You get my drift. This is my story… Continue reading Golf is to Business as Ham is to Eggs

Spring Break OB Style

Even if spring is not in the air, love certainly is in Club B. Not one, not two, but THREE of our sectionmates recently got engaged! Apparently, we are all a little too afraid of facing the prospect of “life after HBS” alone. Craig Chapman was able to convince his girlfriend, Carin Bronner, to marry… Continue reading Spring Break OB Style

110 HBS Students in South Africa = Madness and Mayhem

Still giddy from a fantastic trip that will be treasured for a lifetime, I am inspired to share some of the comedic highlights from a trip that involved 110 HBS students in South Africa over spring break. While we promised that what is shared on safari, stays on safari (and given the PG rating of… Continue reading 110 HBS Students in South Africa = Madness and Mayhem