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Case for Daily Fantasy Sports
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Case for Daily Fantasy Sports

By Akash Pradhan, Harvard Business School Class of 2017 Over the last three to four years, a plethora of daily fantasy sports (DFS) companies have emerged, offering avid and casual fans a chance to play shorter-term fantasy games for money. The two leaders in the industry, FanDuel and DraftKings, offer players a chance to “re-draft” their player lineups on…

Value Imbalance in the NFL
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Value Imbalance in the NFL

On May 2, 2012, ESPN reported that former NFL linebacker Junior Seau had died at his home in San Diego, as the result of a gunshot wound to the chest. As a kid, I watched Seau terrorize Raider QBs and RBs on many occasions on his way to multiple Pro Bowl appearances. When news finally…


ND beats NJ in RC Championship Showdown

In a battle between two of the school’s best flag football squads, undefeated ND came out victorious in a 52-40 showdown against a formidable NJ squad. It took only four total plays for both teams to score in a preview of the “track meet” to follow. Section D quarterback Flynn Cochran posted a Manning-esque QB…


2012 Presidential Election: British Perspective

  My my, aren’t British elections boring. We only cottoned on to the value of this pre-election debate thing in the last election, where the three (three!) main parties stood behind lecterns and vaguely pontificated about something-or-rather for about 20 minutes until everyone decided that Nick Clegg (look it up) was the saviour of Britain….


Confessions of a Newly Minted Boston Sports Fan

Coming from London, one of the first things in the “Miss This About Home” box was the season ticket at Arsenal. Shouting and screaming, accusing the referee of all manner of unspeakable things, and hurling abuse at opponents were a staple part of any week from August to May. How would the devil be released?…


2012 Flag Football Playoff Preview

Playoffs in October usually means pitching duels and dramatic home runs, but HBS is bringing a whole new spin on the Fall Classic with the flag football playoffs. What started 6 weeks ago with 20 teams has been narrowed down to the elite eight. Only one team will emerge victorious and claim the title of…

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OI, ND Assert Dominance in Flag Football

With only a week of games left in the regular season, class favorites OI and ND stand above the rest in an exciting bout for the remaining playoff spots. In EC Division 1, a stout defense combined with a potent aerial attack led by QB Aaron Byrd has propelled OI to an undefeated season and…


HBS Rugby Dominates the Competition

Ask anyone in Austin, Texas what Harvard Business School is famous for, and you’re likely to get a variety of responses. Capitalism.  Educating leaders of Fortune 500 companies.  Country club lifestyles and wine & cheese parties. But after this past weekend, those same Austinites would undoubtedly answer that in addition to being the world’s best…


Josh Chuang Repeats as HBS Ping Pong Champion

This year’s HBS Ping Pong Tournament drew 84 players from the RC and EC classes.  Of those 84, only Josh Chuang (OA) remained standing at the end of the day. Chuang, the winner of last year’s tournament, defeated eight consecutive opponents to capture the title for the second consecutive year.  Using a combination a nasty…


“We Said, They Said”

“We Said, They Said” is a monthly feature in which Harvard and Wharton MBA students take opposing positions on a topic relevant to both schools. The views expressed are those of the writers only and are not meant to reflect the general views of either student body. The Boston Celtic’s Larry Bird and the Philadelphia…


2011 HBS Flag Football Playoff Preview

After an intense 5-game regular season replica watches, the IM Flag Football playoffs are finally here!  Which sections have the firepower to win the first major sporting event of this year’s SA Cup?  RC Teams:  NA (Regular Season 4-1, odds to win 12.5-to-1):  The Panda Express is anchored by the league’s number one defensive unit,…


HBS Rugby Posts Two Shutouts in a Row, Hosts Old Boys Reunion Weekend October 28-30, 2011

In back-to-back recent weekends, the HBS rugby team was canvassing the greater New England area, putting on rugby clinics for opposing teams.  In systematic fashion, the team posted shutout victories in Rutland, Vermont over their men’s team and in Montreal, Canada over the McGill University MBA team. The Rutland match was hard-fought from the beginning,…


Faculty Soccer Team 1 – EC Men’s Soccer Team 0

Last Monday, Harvard’s Ohiri Field was host to the HBS Faculty-EC student soccer classic.  Looking to build on a quarterfinal finish in last fall’s Yale cup and a second place finish in group play in the Texas MBA Soccer Tournament last winter, the HBS EC Soccer team entered this fall with high expectations for the…


Boston Marathon 2011: A Celebration of What We have been Given

For many, including myself, the idea of running a Boston marathon, heck any marathon, was a far off dream.  Even if you are fortunate enough to secure a bib for the race, you face a struggle with a Boston winter training regimen and one of the more difficult marathon courses around.  In total, we had…



  Hi Friends, well we made it replica watches uk!  Yesterday was the 115th Boston Marathon and it was a great day!  Thank you to each and every one of you for your support and encouragement, it meant a lot to me that so many of you were interested in my progress and journey.  I’m…


Episode 7: Zack the SA-Cup Champion!***

Hi Friends, As you read this, I have already finished the marathon… I hope!  This is because it takes a week for the excellent people at the Harbus to clean up and edit my articles and get them ready for print.  So as I write this it is Monday (4/11), but for you it is…


Episode 6: In the Long Run

Hi Friends, before I launch into the latest on my running adventure, I need to tell you all how grateful I am for your support!  At the writing of this article, we have raised over 25% of the $10K target.  Thank you, I’m grateful for your help.  (Check out //rundfmc.org/2011/zackj for the latest update and…


IM Sports–Basketball

Wolfpack Knocks Off Top-Seeded ND When I first saw NF (2-1) shooting around before the game and watched as Coach Wu paced the sideline nervously, I couldn’t help but ask him what his game plan against ND (2-1) was. After all, ND was the top seeded team and they had, up until this point, completely…


Spring Break at Sea

New C Takes 1st Annual HBS Sailing Cup Sun, fun, and relaxation in foreign lands: necessary but not sufficient components of an epic spring break for 19 mariners from HBS.  For these hardy souls, the week would not be complete without braving the unforgiving sea, the relentless discipline of an Ahab-like instructor, and several multiple…


Episode 5: I think I can! I think I can!

Hi Friends, is it just me, or did we all just get really busy?  The very thought of April has put me into a complete panic: I don’t have a job, I have lots of projects and papers to finish, I don’t have a job, I am running a marathon, I don’t have a job,…


Annual McArthur Cup is hosted by HBS hockey teams

On March 26 and 27, HBS hosted the annual McArthur Cup on campus. Though finishing a disappointing 2nd to Babson, victory was achieved at the bars. On March 25th and 26th, HBS hosted a hockey tournament for MBA programs and other professional schools in the Boston area.  Attendees included Babson MBA, Tuck MBA, Wharton MBA,…


IM Soccer – Emus Repeat as Champions for ECs

In the EC IM Soccer Championship, Old E beat Old B in a thriller to repeat as champions. Earlier in the RC Championship undefeated New B overcame a tough Section New F squad to claim RC glory.  These two heavy weights will now face off in the school-wide championship. EC Championship: With crowds of fans…


Balls of Fury

Over 100 students descend on Shad to fight it out for the undisputed title of HBS Ping Pong Champion The tournament had its genesis a couple of months ago when I had a 30 second conversation with Luke Owings (who is running the SA Cup) after class one day. Or perhaps it was during class….


IM Soccer League Update

As we near the end of the regular season, here are some remarks from just a few of the squads who have emerged as strong late-season contenders… New H: What else can be said about the New H soccer team except that we are undefeated thus far? Will your team be the one to break…

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