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Emerging from the Bubble

Over the last two weeks, ECs have had the opportunity to hear post-grad advice from popular HBS professors Clay Christensen, Michael Porter and Youngme Moon through the “Best of EC Year Speaker Series.” (There is one talk left from David Moss on Thursday, April 15 at 4 p.m. in the Spangler Auditorium, so don’t miss…


Dr. Timothy Keller Attempts to Answer Life's Most Difficult Questions

On March 19th Dr. Timothy Keller’s presented “The Trouble with Christianity: Why it’s so hard to believe it” to the HBS community. On March 19, in a talk entitled “The trouble with Christianity: Why it’s so hard to believe it,” Dr. Timothy Keller addressed a crowd of believers and skeptics in Spangler Auditorium. A best-selling…


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Speaks at Spangler Auditorium

The HBS Finance Club was honored to have Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, give an engaging speech in a packed Spangler Auditorium on Tuesday, November 6, 2007. Jamie gave a great speech, making the audience of about 300 HBS students often laugh with his war stories from his career. As a JPMorgan…


Delta Air Lines COO Shares Lessons in Leading a Turnaround

Delta Air Lines Chief Operating Officer Jim Whitehurst (HBS ’94) spoke to over 60 MBA and AMP students on March 28th at Spangler Auditorium to discuss his view on the airline industry and Delta’s rapid turnaround from bankruptcy. The event was sponsored by the Hospitality & Travel Industry Club. Citing conclusions of recent research in…


Going Backstage with a Professional Speaker

On Tuesday, February 20, 2007, Ray Semko, also known as the D*I*C*E Man, spoke to an audience of about 150 students and executive education participants at Spangler Auditorium. The event was the third of the HBS Public Speaking Club’s Outstanding Speaker Series for 2007. D*I*C*E stands for “Defensive Information to Counter Espionage.” Ray Semko uses…


The State of the Global War on Terrorism

The State of the Global War on Terrorism General Barry R. McCaffrey speaks at the second HBS Public Speaking Club’s Outstanding Speaker Series for 2007. On Tuesday, February 13, 2007, retired General Barry R. McCaffrey spoke to an audience of about 150 students at Spangler Auditorium. Barry McCaffrey, president of McCaffrey Associates and chairman of…


The Best Way to Argue with the President

In the Public Speaking Club’s Outstanding Speaker Series, Robert Barnett reveals his secrets to helping presidential ticket candidates prepare for nationally televised debates and shares his opinion on the upcoming presidential nominations. Attorney Robert Barnett spoke to an audience of about 350, which filled the Spangler Auditorium, on January 27. The event was the first…


Say It With Presentations

How do I deliver presentations that are interesting, inspiring, and, most of all, successful? How do I go beyond traditional charts and text pages to create gripping, memorable presentations? Two-hundred and fifty MBA students, Harvard undergraduates, Kennedy students, executive education students, and communications students from Emerson College came to Spangler Auditorium to learn just that….


PricewaterhouseCooper's CEO Speaks about "Expectations, Regulations and Responsible Leadership"

The HBS Leadership and Values Committee hosted a presentation by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ CEO Samuel A. DiPiazza, Jr. Mr. DiPiazza spoke to the HBS community about “responsible leadership” on Thursday, February 16. Students had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session with this esteemed leader, followed by a reception in the Spangler Auditorium lobby. Mr. DiPiazza…


John Mack on the Current State of Wall Street

John Mack is getting softer, and he thinks that Wall Street is coming along with him. At least, so he said to an audience of HBS students on Monday, October 20 in Spangler Auditorium. In a speech hosted by the HBS Finance Club, Mack, the CEO of Credit Suisse First Boston, spoke about the improvement…


Dean Clark Responds to Student Concerns

On Wednesday, April 2, in a sparsely filled Spangler Auditorium where administrators nearly outnumbered students, Dean Clark fielded questions from students on topics including the involvement of human resource management in the current curriculum, the school’s perspective on spurring on opportunities in the non-profit sector, the role of HBS in shaping versus reacting to changes…


Basic Commencement Ticket Information

Please Note: This information is accurate at the time of printing; however, please refer to the Commencement tab on myHBS for the most complete, accurate and up-to-date Commencement information and announcements. * You do not need tickets for the Class Day ceremony on Wednesday, June 4, 2003. * You will receive 2 tickets for morning…


There's No Business Like Show Business

You could say that Michael Wolf knows a little something about Hollywood. For over a decade, Wolf has been the trusted adviser to some of the largest and best-known entertainment companies around the world. Prior to joining McKinsey & Company as the head of their entertainment & media practice, Wolf built the entertainment, media &…


Leading HBS Thinkers to Speak This Week

Did you ever think you would graduate without hearing the insights of some of the most innovative HBS professors? Think you would only learn Michael Porter’s ideas on strategy by reading Harvard Business Review or develop an understanding of disruptive technologies by reading Clay Christensen’s book, The Innovator’s Dilemma? Well, thanks to David Margalit (OB),…

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