Thomas Rajan Selected as 2009 Class Day Student Speaker

The Class Day Committee is pleased to announce the Class Day 2009 Student Speaker Winner: Thomas Rajan! The Class Day 2009 Student Speaker Competition was held in early April. Twenty-eight contestants initially vied for the opportunity to present an inspirational and relevant message to their peers and guests at Class Day on June 3rd. The… Continue reading Thomas Rajan Selected as 2009 Class Day Student Speaker

News In Brief:

EC Student Accidentally Talks to Cross-Registrant(Aldrich 107) EC student Martin Macaffrey accidentally talked to cross-registrant David Thompson before their Venture Capital and Private Equity class last Thursday. “I thought he was one of the few HBS students I’ve never meet,” said Macaffrey, “But then he pulled out some makeshift cardboard name card with ‘David’ handwritten… Continue reading News In Brief:

Summer Jobs

By Larry Wasserman (OF)Ode to My SummerWhen I went through recruiting late last yearMy summer plans remained still ill-defined Though banking brought me nausea, dread and fearI thought consulting might not be a grind. So I applied to BCG and BainBooz Allen, Monitor, not many moreThey all said, “Dude, your efforts are in vain”And, bluntly… Continue reading Summer Jobs