IXP – The Brazilian Rendezvous

Contemporary global economic parlance has an acronym “BRIC” referring to four large emerging countries deemed to be at a similar stage of economic growth. While China and India are often referred to as the engines for world GDP growth, it is the “B” within the BRIC that holds some of the world’s largest agricultural, petroleum… Continue reading IXP – The Brazilian Rendezvous

Trek Adventures: Trip to Rio Proves Memorable for HBSers Traveling to South America

Mario Schlosser (NB) found a niche job during winter break. He served as a cross between a city tour guide, nightclub promoter and the ultimate host. Two HBS treks, each with approximately 15 students, headed to South America over the holidays. Why the need for two treks? One trek originated in Uruguay while the other… Continue reading Trek Adventures: Trip to Rio Proves Memorable for HBSers Traveling to South America

Collateral Damage:

Collateral Damage (2002) Director: Andrew Davis Studio: Warner Brothers Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Leguizamo, John Turturro Rating: PG-13 There are no realities, only perceptions. The validation of that which is real is predicated upon that which is extensively perceived. Filmmakers have manipulated the dichotomy between perception and reality for many years. Federico Fellini of course… Continue reading Collateral Damage:

Teaching the Europeans to Dance

Not since the mid sixteenth century has South America groaned under the weight of so many enthusiastic Europeans. “Over paid, over sexed and over here” is a complaint among xenophobic Brits, but our traveling troupe encountered no such sentiments in Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. The group spent countless hours mulling over the potential causes of… Continue reading Teaching the Europeans to Dance