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First Year, First Week

The Class of 2010 enjoys its first week at HBS. 908 students get acquainted with each other, the faculty and the case method. A week of sunshine in Cambridge lent itself to the daily inner struggle: formal attire to make that first impression, or sandals and short sleeves to celebrate the weather and radical life…


CEO of MaAfrika Tikkun to Speak at HBS on Effective Development in South Africa and Successful Strategies for Creating Impact

If you have ever left an HBS class feeling like you wished there was something more you could do about the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa, the need for accessible and effective education in the developing world, or the growth of poverty and increasingly skewed wealth distribution patterns-you’ll want to hear what Marc Lubner has to…


Lots Done, Lots More to Do:

South Africa has made great strides in addressing the legacy of apartheid, according to the South African Ambassador to the US, H.E. Barbara Masekela. Ms. Barbara Masekela who was appointed Ambassador to the US in June 2003 was speaking to students at the Kennedy School of Government, on March 10, on “Challenges Ahead for the…


On-Campus Interview Series: The Metrosexual

This week the Harbus interviews Steve Evans who hails from Bromley in SE London. For those of you who had trouble understanding such movie classics as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, this means he can understand the cockney rhyming slang prevalent in these films! After attending Gonville & Caius (pronounced ‘Keys’) College…


Mickey and Dan's Excellent Adventure (in South Africa!)

The House of D is fast establishing our presence abroad. First, we rode elephants and bamboo rafts in the tropical jungles of Thailand last August. Then, we found ourselves maneuvering snowmobiles over the icy glaciers of Iceland over Columbus Day weekend. Now Spring Break has come and gone, and once again, we found ourselves taking…


Ken Wiwa: In the Shadow of a Saint

Ken Wiwa, the son of slain Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, recently spoke to a group of students and journalists at the Kennedy School of Government. Wiwa was twenty-six years old when his father, the outspoken advocate for the economic and environmental rights of the Ogoni people in Nigeria, was executed by hanging on November 10,…


Fighting AIDS in Africa A viewpoint

Late last week 39 major drug companies, including such powerhouses as Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb, bowed to immense international pressure and withdrew a lawsuit they had filed against the South African government. The suit sought to block a law allowing generic drug companies to produce and market patented drugs under certain conditions. While any…

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