Why We Can't Afford to Fail in Iraq

Because the terrorists win if we prematurely withdraw. Despite the cunning strategy displayed by Japanese military planners in the attack on Pearl Harbor, they made a grave miscalculation in thinking that America lacked the steely nerve to mount a credible counter-offensive. Only Admiral Yamamoto, the brilliant leader of the Japanese Fleet, recognized the predicament his… Continue reading Why We Can't Afford to Fail in Iraq

Editor's Farewell

Thanks for sticking with A&E for the past year. In my Editor’s Welcome of January 2002, the A&E team’s stated goal was to allow readers to escape the “bubble” by exposing “the HBS community to a wide variety of Boston area restaurants, pubs, clubs, music and sports events.” Upon reflection, I think we succeeded. Granted,… Continue reading Editor's Farewell

Clinton Receives Warm Welcome at Harvard

Harvard seems to have a habit of attracting out-of-office politicians. First it was Al Gore, now his one-time boss, former President Bill Clinton has paid a visit to campus, speaking at a Kennedy School event held at the Gordon Track and Tennis Center, just across the street from Shad Hall in Allston, on November 19.… Continue reading Clinton Receives Warm Welcome at Harvard