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Introducing the Green Living Reps

It’s likely that if you live in the dormitories, Soldiers Field Park, One Western or Peabody Terrace you have seen posters of your Green Living Representatives. These representatives are part of the Graduate Green Living Program, a peer to peer educational program. Representatives educate and promote sustainable behaviors to their colleagues throughout the year with…


Green Living – Why, What and How

1. What is the Green Living Program and why was it created?Campus sustainability has been a growing movement both nationally and internationally throughout the past decade. HBS and Harvard Real Estate Services, in collaboration with the Harvard Green Campus Initiative, set up the first-ever Graduate Green Living Program. In October 2004, President Lawrence Summers announced…


Green Living – Make the Light Switch

Switching to CFL bulbs make both economic and environmental sense. Who would have thought that the humble light bulb can make such a difference to the world? From the beginnings of its invention under Thomas Edison in 1878, the light bulb has undergone many improvements and seen many innovations. Today, we are presented with various…


Meet Your Green Living Reps

Most students living in the dormitories and Harvard affiliated apartments, such as the complex at Soldiers Field Park and One Western, have seen posters of their green living representatives in bulletin boards in the common areas. These representatives are part of the peer to peer educational program where they are responsible for educating and promoting…


Green Living:

It’s that time of year again. Whether we’re moving out for good, taking off for the summer, or sticking around, we’re all going through our stuff and deciding which things we either need to or want to part with. Furniture, clothes, dishes, sports equipment, books, and old magazines will be looking for new homes in…


That Guy Presents Possible HBS Show Themes for 2003

You all may have heard some buzz about the upcoming HBS Show. For those of who don’t know about the HBS Show, allow That Guy to explain. Every year, certain insane students decide that they don’t have enough worthless busywork on their plates, so they decide to dedicate countless hours putting on a silly musical…


A Graduate School With Dorms?

Right before Orientation started, I walked into my dorm room in Hamilton Hall for the first time. I met the six women I was going to be sharing the bathroom with for the next two semesters. The seven of us come from five different countries and practice three different religions. One of the things I…


Where to Live as a Family

So you are in. You are ecstatic. Your whole family is ecstatic. The one year old is so happy (no doubt imagining the high-end Gerber products he’ll be swimming in when you land your post MBA signing bonus) he practically forgets about jamming Cheerios into the light sockets. In the midst of your glee, you…


HBS Parkers Will Need New Permits for Summer

In case no one read the flyers placed on the windshields of cars in the SFP and Peabody garages, the parking permits purchased during registration expire at the end of this month. Additional parking permits are available for July and August at the Harvard Parking Office (29 Garden Street in Harvard Square, 617/495-4795), but at…

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