Marketing ObamaCare

“While expanding coverage was a strong driver of demand for reform, this campaign promise was juxtaposed against another promise: to not raise taxes on the middle class.” President Obama’s plans to reform Health Care have not gone as smoothly as he had hoped. Did Americans wake up one day and decide they didn’t want the… Continue reading Marketing ObamaCare

Obama’s Best (Made Up) Interview Ever

Harbus (in our fantasy world) recently sat down with President Barack Obama to discuss his outlook on the presidency and the state of the country. Harbus: President Obama, thank you for agreeing to join us for a discussion. Obama: Not a problem, it is my pleasure. Harbus: Mr. President, can you describe what your Administration… Continue reading Obama’s Best (Made Up) Interview Ever

Elections In Your Country:

Whatever their political orientation, I salute American voters Being an informed voter in the age of the information superhighway is hard enough but to be ‘informed’ by the current inundation of partisan trash talk by the two parties in the fray simply makes a bad situation worse. To ease the pain of deliberating over the… Continue reading Elections In Your Country:

The Aging of America

The 1946-64 post-WWII Baby Boom saw the advent of the biggest generation of Americans ever. As this generation has worked its way through life, like a pig swallowed whole by a snake, it has wrought enormous and lasting changes on each stage of life. The generation that gave us free love and alternative lifestyles is… Continue reading The Aging of America