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Alumni Career Advice & Perspectives: Asha Haji, EF Education First
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Alumni Career Advice & Perspectives: Asha Haji, EF Education First

The Harbus Chief Operating Officer, Natasha Larsen, spoke with HBS aluma, Asha Haji, about EF Education First, how it fits into the social enterprise world, and advice to those interested in the space. The Harbus: Tell us about your industry Asha Haji: For starters, I wouldn’t call social enterprise an industry; rather it’s a space…

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Launching and Scaling a Successful Social Venture: Gerald Chertavian, Founder and CEO, Year Up (MBA ’92)

“The untold story of how to create, launch and scale a social venture”- this is how Professor Allen Grossman framed the November discussion with Gerald Chertavian, MBA class of 1992 and Founder of award-winning nonprofit Year Up. Chertavian, who’s organization seeks to close the opportunity divide by equipping urban youth with skills, experience and empowering…


Social Enterprise Startup Perspectives Recap

What does it take to launch a social enterprise? And who are the key enablers in that effort? These were some of the questions explored on Tuesday’s panel event at the Harvard i-lab. Below a new mosaic of colorful glass sculptures and fueled with strawberry-banana smoothies, a full crowd listened to HBS Professor Allen S….


Education Pioneers Brings Talent to Urban Schools

What Teach for America does for the classroom //www.replicaforbest.co.uk/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html, Education Pioneers does for the school, the school district, and the country. Education Pioneers specializes in recruiting and training the top talent from both graduate schools as well as the private sector, and places them in management positions in the education space.  Be it the New…


SABA’s Annual India Conference 2010

SABA’s annual India Conference on March 6 featured some very influential speakers from India and a wide variety of industry panels addressing the most pressing issues in the country. The annual India Business Conference held by the South Asian Business Association (SABA) took place on March 6 and featured influential businessmen and policy makers from…


Where in the World did you Spend your Summer?

With constant reminders of the ongoing global economic recession, 2009 was a year when it was easy to lose the sense of buoyant optimism that accompanied us when we arrived in Boston last fall. With unemployment skyrocketing and job opportunities drying up, early on many students anticipated and subsequently encountered an extremely challenging job search…


Entrepreneur Profiles–Mike McGlade

What is the name of your company Zoosa What industry/ sector would you classify it in? Social enterprise sector /consumer internet How long has it been running? How many people are involved? Zoosa was formed in June, 2008. There are currently 2 employees. What is the business idea? How will this have an impact on…


Republican vs. Democrat — Social Enterprise and the Common Good

Republican Justin Ferira (OI and MPA ’09), Contributing Writer An optimistic and enterprising spirit is at the heart of the overarching American ideal and the individual American dream. There is a sense of endless individual and collective potential in our population that drives innovation and the furtherance and growth of our country. The optimal approach…


Social Enterprise Club Organizes Social Immersion Program

The Social Enterprise Club (SEC) is organizing its first Social Immersion program through financial sponsorship under the Community Impact Fund created by the Student Association (SA) in an effort to raise the awareness among HBS students on social problems facing Boston communities. Over the course of one day in April, approximately 40 HBS students and…


Fighting East African Poverty with a Profit

On November 2, 2007, Yale and Kellog Alumnus, Andrew Youn, discussed to the Harvard Business School community the founding of his One Acre Fund, a social enterprise founded two years ago that won the 2006 Stanford and Yale Social Business Plan Competitive foundation grants. Holding the humanitarian goal of fighting chronic hunger in Africa at…


Harbus Foundation turns 10

Q: What do get you when you put $800,000 in the hands of 400 HBS students? A: Ten years of the nation’s only MBA-student run foundation making a difference in the Boston community. Grant recipients are all Boston-area organizations pursuing initiatives related to education, literacy or journalism. Each grantee beat out at least three to…


Latam 101

HBS receives a crash course on Latin America. The IX Latin American Conference held at Harvard Business School Saturday, January 20, was like a survey course in contemporary Latin American issues. The conference convened seven expert panels on a wide variety of business topics, and the three keynote sessions discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead…


Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship

When one thinks about working in Social Enterprise, mechanical engineering is not one of the first job descriptions considered. Traditional and popular opportunities include community development, fine arts, and microfinance. Most people do not consider the wide array of professional trade associations that prove to be equally effective in advancing Social Enterprise. HBS Fellowships truly…


Panel Discusses the New Role of Corporate Social Responsibility

On October 19, Professor Herman B. Dutch Leonard moderated a panel discussion with industry leaders on the growing importance of corporate social responsibility within their organizations. It is not often that you hear a director from a multibillion dollar company admit her limitations. But that is exactly what Sarah Severn, Director of Horizons, Corporate Responsibility,…


Low Risk, High Reward: My Experience as an HBS Leadership Fellow

My work is motivated by one number-30%. It underlies every investment proposal that I develop, every business plan that I analyze and every engagement with my teammates and our external partners. It’s a pesky number; one that hasn’t changed much despite billions of dollars of public investment.ÿ At the same time, it’s a grounding number,…


Advice for Social Enterprise Field Study Researchers

1) Know where you can add value.Are you best suited for lifting sandbags, grassroots organizing, or high level analysis and strategy? Think about your strengths as a business student and see how they can be applied to the situation. It’s natural to want to do something “hands-on,” however there might be people better able to…


Are Social Enterprises Better as For-Profits or Non-Profits?

Social entrepreneurship is certainly not a foreign term here in the Harvard community. In fact, it has gained momentous support over the years from both students and faculty. The Social Enterprise Initiative was launched in 1993, the first Social Enterprise Conference was launched in 2000, and the HBS Business Plan Competition added a social enterprise…


Business Plans for China Dominate Competition

China is one of the most intensely discussed countries in most business conversations today and has found its way into almost every RC course. It is not surprising therefore that the winning business plans for both the traditional and social enterprise (‘concept’ phase) tracks were targeted to Chinese communities. The HBS Business Plan Contest Awards…


Empty Promises: Social Enterprise in the RC Curriculum

This week we opened the course platform and found our second, that’s right, our second, nonprofit case in the required curriculum: Arvadin. Though members of the HBS faculty have written 164 social enterprise cases, RCs have discussed only two in class. For a school that boasts, “We educate leaders who make a difference in this…


Social Enterprise Perspectives: Summer in Honduras

Believe it or not, there are many exciting and challenging summer opportunities that you won’t find during Hell Week. Heidi Henson, who spent the summer working with Technoserve/USAID in Honduras, discusses her experiences and the value of the social enterprise summer fellowship program. Harbus: Can you describe the project you worked on during your social…


Social Enterprise Perspectives: Managing a Double Bottom Line

Organization: Rubicon Bakery (a Rubicon Enterprises portfolio company)Location: Richmond, CA (north of San Francisco) Rubicon Bakery is part of Rubicon Programs, Inc. – a community based non-profit organization that has been serving the Bay Area since 1974. Rubicon is nationally recognized for its innovative programs that provide a comprehensive set of training, employment, housing and…


My Summer with MercyCorps Mongolia

Location: Ulaan Baatar (UB), Mongolia Brief Description of Summer Project: I worked as a project consultant with the USDA-funded Rural Agribusiness Support Program (RASP), which supports the diversification and expansion of rural businesses in 11 aimags (provinces) that are critical to Mongolia’s agriculture sector. My role was to review and improve the project financing and…


Social Enterprise Initiative Celebrates 10 Years at HBS

On April 7th, Harvard Business School celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Social Enterprise Initiative, bringing together invited alumni, practitioners, faculty, and students who have contributed to the success and growth of social enterprise. Following a retrospective on the innovation and impact of social enterprise, attendees looked forward to the next ten years through a…


Take Action!

Inspiring quotes from giants in social enterprise lined the walls of Spangler, welcoming over 950 individuals to the 5th Annual Social Enterprise Conference. The quotes set the tone for a day filled with opportunities for participants to listen to business and nonprofit leaders, to ask questions, and to learn-all as a precursor to creating positive…


Editorial: Fast and Furious

For all the RC students (myself included) who can’t believe that our time here is already a quarter gone by, take heart in the fact that for each one of us, at least three EC students can’t believe that only a quarter of their time remains. The past year has been marked not only by…


Service Leadership Fellows Program: Reports from the Field

Continuing Harvard Business School’s long tradition of supporting social initiatives, the Service Leadership Fellows Program (SLFP) was established in 2002 to encourage graduating HBS students to experience leadership in nonprofit and public-sector organizations early in their careers. The one-year fellowship provides an opportunity for a unique experience immediately after graduation through senior-level positions and high-impact…


Responsiveness and Organizational Improvement 101

My article of November 18, 2001 suggested radical changes to the HBS curriculum. The article called for, among other things, a full semester course on ethics and values, as opposed to the too brief LVDM, more complete coverage of the legal issues facing managers and a major overhaul of the Social Enterprise curriculum. As promised…


There's No Slowing Down The A-Team

Since we all are well aware that our time together at HBS is coming to an end, I do not want to overload on melancholic memories or get weepy reminiscing our time in A107 (as I’m sure that will come later), but rather recap the past few months to show that The A-Team has absolutely…


In Da Club

As most of you know, I’m one of the people that have been walking around all teary-eyed for the past couple of weeks over the prospect of having to end this wonderful vacation from reality. So, I planned to write a heart-wrenching tearjerker of an article, so sad that there wouldn’t be a dry eye…

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