Another Model for Leadership and Community Values at HBS

Recently, an issue came up in Section A. Without getting into specifics–and since most of you probably know them anyway–the crux of the issue was: what does a section do when the majority wants to do one thing but the minority is opposed? The answer proposed to us by our section chair was that a… Continue reading Another Model for Leadership and Community Values at HBS

They Said What

As the weather gets colder, job interview decisions come back, and final exams approach, we must all remember that laughter is the best medicine, and keep our ears open for entertaining comments around campus that we can share with others. Anyone who has something they would like to submit, please email Professor Frances Frei… Continue reading They Said What

An Editorial Wish List

Since its inception sixty-five years ago, the mission of The Harbus has been to report on issues of concern and interest to the HBS community from an HBS viewpoint. A key factor in ensuring the paper’s ongoing editorial success is broad, representative contribution from all segments of the HBS community. The Harbus strives to achieve… Continue reading An Editorial Wish List

Section Love

I’m all for making new friends. But I wasn’t too sure how the whole section thing would work out. Before coming to HBS, I kept hearing how my section-mates would be “my best friends for life.” As someone who holds her best friends to pretty high standards, I was dubious. Who would these people be?… Continue reading Section Love

A Hails the Queen

It has been 5 weeks since that momentous day in Burden Auditorium, when all 900 members of the Class of 2003 sat impatiently through slide after slide… after slide…after slide… waiting to see what one fate-determining letter would appear next to his or her name. 82 of those people lucked out. For they are now… Continue reading A Hails the Queen

Alphabet Soup and Aussie Day, NC Style

Never before has the word “moreover” received a more careful and practiced enunciation than it did last week during Section C’s Alphabet Day. Not just “moreover”, but also “jointly,” “furthermore,” and most bizarrely, “Xerox.” Unfortunately, the rigors of A-B-C were too much for some C-ers to take, the author included. Most alphabetically-challenged were Katherine Mossman,… Continue reading Alphabet Soup and Aussie Day, NC Style